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In Luxembourg foreign minister invited Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov. It expects the "troika" of the European Union — European Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and EU High Representative for common foreign policy chief Javier Solana. Favourite movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich positive attitude to the invitation to Luxembourg Sergei Martynov.

8"When we speak of Belarus depends on cooperation with Europe, on economic support, it is necessary that a person such as the level of Martynov, especially because it is not in the list of banned, participated. This shows that Europe has a harsh approach, rather than just playing a political game. Martynov The meeting will not, because it is closed. A meeting will be on the sidelines. Maybe Martynov met with the "troika".
Official Minsk hopes that the European Union now lift all sanctions on Belarusian officials. SLM have their position. From her Alexander Milinkevich briefed during a meeting the other day, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Incidentally, the Czech Republic with the new year will be presidency of the EU. Need a lift sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko?
"There is a general outlook of the democratic forces, and that over time it is necessary to cancel the visa restrictions. However, some things have to be manufactured in the country. This greater freedom of the media, the opportunity for public action organizations and parties. I think that over time it can be fully and essentially even, that he also had the opportunity to meet. Faster because we will develop cooperation with Europe. But still too little is made. This turn-based strategy. Lukashenko promised, making 5 steps when Europe makes two. I think, if it really is, we have excellent prospects. "
What are these two steps that would have to do Europe on the views of Milinkevich?
"While Europe has not made a 1st step. She says that rather slowly resolve issues. When the political prisoners were released, it was necessary to immediately make a move to reduce the visa restrictions. This was not made. Unfortunately, there can not be solved quickly, need a consensus that is not easily achieved. Next steps — it can be the role of Belarus in the Neighbourhood program notes. There severe ability to support economic reforms. Plenty what can be do. And while the EU only determines these things. I think possible faster should be written "road map". And it must directly paint that is on the one hand, that on the other. Then no need on the one hand two, and the other 5. One on each side and turns ".
Alexander Milinkevich believes that at present more favorable conditions in order to reduce the price of Schengen visas for Belarusians. He believes that Europe should make it without any criterion because the Belarusian people very fundamentally cooperation with Europe and its openness.

Favourite Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin believes that the Council of the European Union in a significant part accept that the European Parliament recommended. As he considers whether to lift sanctions against Lukashenko?
"Sanctions must then be removed when gone the motives that were in the implementation of sanctions. And I do not see many bureaucrats that need to soften the approach. Indeed background remained still. I think so will be made, as so noted in the decision of the European Parliament. "
During a meeting in Luxembourg, the EU Council will make out the situation in Belarus after the elections in connection with the statement of the EU Council of 15 September. Recall. it stated its readiness to review sanctions against Belarusian officials and strengthen formal, economic and cultural ties with Belarus, increment assistance if the elections on September 28 will be fair and democratic. The document also stated his intention to make positive steps to restore a dialogue phase including Sergei Martynov met with the "troika".
Recently the European Parliament urged to stop the visa ban for six months with respect to those persons who have not participated in the violations of democratic election standards and human rights. During this period, the official Minsk should reconsider a discriminatory law on the media.

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