Maxim Zhbankova film festival

In the midst of positive achievements — the movie Neil Jordan’s "The Brave One". Jordan always willing reworked traditional subjects. Because almost everything in his newest tape seems very familiar. Lovers Couple gets into claws street thugs. The results are impressive: a young man was killed, and knocked on the bitter radish woman buys a gun and begins to search for the killers. Once did something similar in Charles Bronsan "Prague death." At the moment, people obsessively hunts Jodie Foster.
Curious to look like a man under the influence of events transformed into a completely different person. Jodie Foster plays a sudden drama of revenge and destruction of human identity. Instead tolerant journalist in the dark city here goes lean machine of destruction. Responsible citizen with a license to kill. Film Jordan — the perfect thriller. But first, "The Brave One" is a story about happiness and dreaminess vmovnasts law enforcement. Sadly, 30 years after said "Prague death" here, nothing has changed. "The Brave One" diagnoses. But knows pharmaceuticals.
— Main negative recollection — Hong Kong Tape "Wish". Many of fellow critics was from her in ecstasy. But as for me, a new movie famous Ang Lee — This unique imitation of reality epochal tape like "Realm of the Senses." Erotic retro postcard from the edge of the abyss.
"Wish" — weird hybrid of the "Young Guard" and "Night Porter". Chinese boys 1940s preparing a terrorist attack against the enemy. And the enemy is interested in the masked terrorist. Sex struggles with ideology. How do you think: who has a better chance? Perverse Europeans will answer without hesitation. And the East remains silent. And do everything opposite.
— And now — my personal choice this week. "Paranoid Park", another South American movie hero Gus Van Sant. Exemplary is independent cinema: an intricate, almost criminal plot, depressive characters, inventive shooting. And for all these chips — a touching story lonely teenagers. Frame killer. Tipo writer.
Van Sant film piercing suddenly made about how life kills dreams. About how hard exist between the lines of another scenario. And from time to time there is no strength to write your own. If this is a youth movie, then we all — young. Tags: Zhbankov, film festival, Sep, Neil Jordan, Ang, lei, van

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