Meeting with Orlov — no earlier than October

Inhabitant of the district center town of Vitebsk region Avtukhov turned on this occasion in the police department. According views sp.Avtuhova Olga Kovriga violated Article 9:22 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus "On Administrative Offences", creating "obstacles and limitations in the use of municipal Belarusian language."
Here that said Olga Kovriga in an interview with Liberty:
"Indeed, I made a mistake here — I needed answer Belarusian language, I also love. It was such a small mistake on my part. "
In his response to the appeal of Leonid Autukhou Head of the department of culture is not allowed to hold a meeting with the writer Vladimir Orlov in the local library:
"I wrote in response that we have a very busy schedule — this event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Vitebsk region, and events of the New Year Plan and a meeting of amateur club in our today. We have our own separate schedule, and we follow him. We replied that we offer to host the meeting in October — along with schools, so it was acceptable for us and for all. "

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