MEP asks specific plan

On which aspects will be checked within six months of the Belarusian authorities the right steps?
Will advice?
Do you plan to meet with the management of EU opposition favorites, namely the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin and Milinkevich?
Why decided to withdraw from Lukashenko visa sanctions after refusing to issue a visa Belarusian Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Krystyyne Oyuland?
"I’m for a dialogue with Minsk, but on the basis of certain criteria and justified," — said Jeanine Henis-Plyaskhert.
The deputy said that the parliamentarians have to apply Holland October 14 to Foreign Minister this country Maxim Verhagena for clarification of its position in relation to Belarus, as he initially opposed the abolition of visa sanctions. They also wish to clarify whether there is a specific plan steps expected of official Minsk, reports BelaPAN.

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