Metropolitan opened plaque Dunin-Marcinkiewicz

According to the chairman of the Bobruisk branch of the Society whiteRussian language Victor Malinowski, together with Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz in Bobruisk came descendants of the Dunin-Marcinkiewicz of Poland, researchers of the playwright, among whom Joseph Yanushkevich.
"The illustrious guest of the event was Valerian Yanushkevich, creator and performer of a memorial plaque. On the board of reddish marble bas-relief image-Dunin-Marcinkiewicz and the inscription on the Belarusian Latin:" Year of Our Lord 1808 on February 4 in a day or Bobruisk was baptized Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, "- said "Freedom" Victor Malinowski.
Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz was born in Bobruisk District Ponyushkovichi the manor. In Bobruisk he finished the county school.

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