Migrants in Belarus

Total number of legal and illegal migrants in the world exceeds 70 million people. Another 125 million people live outside of their own citizenship. In other words, about 3% of the population of the planet scattered outside own states. Most of the migrants seek out happiness in industrialized regions. In the first place then the U.S., where 35 million foreigners live. Our homeland is followed by 13 million and 7 million — Germany. According to preliminary estimates, in rich countries every tenth inhabitant — immigrant.
Migrants in Belarus — the political stigma
Belarus Migrants mention more in MIA reports when reporting about another illegal group or vietnamtsav Afghans who tried to "squeeze" the West. Belarusian border guards on disk imaging, such attempts from year to year less. So, last year seized 177 illegal migrants, whereas in 2005 — 368, in 2004 — 40 seven-eighth
What compels people to leave home — often without even having to collect things? Prior to that, local armed conflicts, political persecution and job search.
Turkmen journalist Enchantment Anamuradav currently lives in Sweden, but not before three years hiding from the regime of former manager Niyazov of Turkmenistan in Minsk. Sentenced to long-term imprisonment, after the amnesty he did not tempt fate and fled the country, first in 2000:
"I do not dispute that criticized the Niyazov regime. How differently? In August 1996, on the orders of Kasymova, protege Niyazov, shot 37 people. These were political prisoners who rebelled in a prison. They wanted all the food alone! Deception by these people brought to the central square of the bullpen and there and shot 37 people. I’m in international media to disseminate this information, for which he received 18 years bullpen. "
Most Afghan immigrants in Belarus. Even when in Afghanistan were Russian troops, the inhabitants this country received civilian and military education in higher schools of the USSR, in including and Belarusian. Many of them later simply refuses vorachivatsya home. One of the managers of the Afghan community in Belarus Rahman Seyful Sophie is convinced that his countrymen scattered around the world, not least in a decade, "the Soviet goal" in Afghanistan:
"At that Time wasa great opportunity to enter other troops — Pakistan, Iran, that it would probably be even worse. But when Russian troops pulled out of Afghanistan in fact without addressing all thrown halfway — it was not great. How tortured as themselves lost, and eventually uttered — thanks, we went, sorry, that generally come to us from anything you no longer need. "
Migrant workers: the power of the mind, as opposed to
More vserasprostranennoy considered prolonged labor migration. People are fed to other countries to work. But when Belarusians leave more on languorous work that does not require mental effort, then move to Belarus highly spices. This says director Svetlana Shevchenko Institute of Labor:
"And if we here in our country moving migrant workers from other countries, then we are busy at work more intellectual, mental. Here is a basic, fundamentally opposed. But it is already stored in the past several years. "
At the level of government developed a special program for you to lure highly educated professionals in Belarus. It is not only those who would work on limited contracts, and those who in the future would stay here. Deputy Manager in charge of the Department of Citizenship and movement Interior Ministry Aleksei Begun:
"The program is aimed at professionals verbovanie in what needs Belarus. And this initiative is already spelled out in state demographic program that is one of its main components. Because as part of these activities, we have intensified such activity as verbovanie Belarus professionals, public she needs. For its part, the republican authorities do another job, and I think it will have a total. " Tags: UN workers

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