Milan Kundera rejects accusation of denunciation

Sensation exploded on October 13 when two respectable Czech edition — weekly "Respekt" and everyday newspaper "Lidové noviny" — Released a material based on archival discoveries in.
Institute for the study of totalitarian regimes The archives of the Czech communist secret services, which at the moment are made in the past year, the Institute for Research of totalitarian regimes, the researchers found a document dated 14th March 1950. The document says that on that day, Milan Kundera 20-year-old student of the Graduate Film School in Prague, said intelligence agencies that mishandled the West scout Miroslav Dvorzhachak
will spend the night in their common familiar in a student dormitory. As a result, messages Dvorzhachak Kundera was the day arrested and later sentenced to 22 years in jail.

Recording alleged denunciation of Milan Kundera Milan Kundera, who has 25 years avoids contact with journalists, 13 October he called the Czech news agency CTK

to refute this information:

How could I convey to someone who did not know?
"I’m shocked by something that did not wait, as yesterday and did not know what had happened, — quote now Kundera Czech media. — It’s right indescribable. If someone does something, he must have some motive. I know that there stands my name, but how he got there — it is for me lurking. How could I convey to someone who did not know? "
According to Kundera, filed information — is "murder creator", which was committed just just as in France, where the writer lived from 1975, International Book Fair begins. "It’s a pity that [Kundera] is not able to take it face to face," — commented reaction historian writer, Adam Gradilak
found that document on Kundera, in the archives of the communist security services.
Researchers at the Institute for Research of totalitarian regimes gathered information about persons involved in this case, to reconstruct the action 58 years ago. Miroslav Dvorzhachak in 1949 together with his co-worker from the military aviation school Francis Yupam fled to Germany. In Germany they were recruited emigration "Czechoslovak intelligence supported by the Yankees." In the spring of 1950 22-year-old Dvorzhachak arrived in Prague on a mission to make contact with a person who could provide information about the chemical industry in Czechoslovakia. In Prague Dvorzhachak case met with their own familiar with youth Ivaylo Militkay
(The former love of his colleagues Jupp) and asked her permission to leave their things in her student room, and later the night. Militka who studied at the Charles Institute, agreed, but later said about the West’s own spy guy who in turn told the news Kundera. And that, according to historical Gradilka went with the news to the security service.
In August 1950, held Tribunal over Dvorzhachkam, who was accused of dezerterstve, espionage and treason. The prosecutor sought the death penalty, but the tribunal sentenced to 22 years Dvorzhachka heaviest bullpen. Dvorzhachak spent 14 years working, incidentally, in the uranium mines. In 1968 he emigrated to Canada, where he lives to this day.
Historian Gradilka, Dvorzhachak life thought that he heard Ivo Militka. And that in turn own male suspect, who later became her husband. Gradilak, who is a relative Ivah Militki, decided to assist her find work. And ran into a sensational document.

Kundera or could have a motive to convey, as he says, to a stranger?

"Lidové noviny": denunciation Kundera wanted to redeem the sin of the party …
Weekly "Respekt" recalls that while Kundera was a staunch communist. "It may be that he decided to kill life with ideological circumstances," — wrote the publication.
A newspaper "Lidové noviny" makes the assumption that the denunciation Kundera tried to make amends for the sin against your own previous games. In 1949 he exchanged letters with one another, in which they criticized the 1st party functionary. Letters somehow got to the security service. Kundera others simply with the institution and the party ticket, and Kundera only with the party ticket.
In his famous novel "The Joke" since 1967 Kundera outlined a very similar situation: the protagonist sends a postcard to the girl with an innocent joke about communism. Party functionary at the institute, who also like the woman who catches the card and the hero reaches exception of school. The hero finds himself in the communist army and one hundred percent drank the bitter cup "vydvarennya of ordinary life."

Readers of "joke" so far identified Kundera likely pose a hero, who "kicked out of life." After the publication of the "case Dvorzhachka" many may come to mind the question, Kundera really stood on the other side, that all thought that he was standing. Tags:, Kundera dvorzhachak

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