Milinkevich met with Czech Prime Minister

"We believe undemocratic elections in Belarus", — saidTopolanek Milinkievich. By Topolanku, Czech Republic is trying to do on the regime in Belarus is under pressure to democratize public life in the country and support the activity of the Belarusian civilian society and non-governmental organizations.
Alexander Milinkevich stressed that in their own contacts with the regime in Belarus, the Czech government must take into account the wishes and Belarusian opposition.

Mirek Topolanek:
"We believe the election undemocratic"

"We do not want Belarus to become a protectorate of Russia, — said at a meeting with Milinkevich Topolanku. — Now Belarusian opposition worried not only for the fate of liberty or free elections, and for the fate of independence. In this regard, we discuss ways in which the Czech government could contact with the Belarusian administration. "
Czech Prime Milinkevich assured that will continue measures to ensure that the European Union has made cheaper visas for Belarusians. Belarusian politician stressed that "reducing the cost of Schengen visas would be the best positive step in the dialogue with Belarus united Europe."
Topolanek and Milinkevich, according to the press service of the Czech government also talk about the Czech scholarships for Belarusian students. Since 2000, the Czech Republic every year funding 11 scholarships to students who, for political reasons can not be trained in Belarus. Tags: Milinkevich in, meeting, Topolanek, thirst

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