Minsk after the stock markets on January 21

Head of the department of public relations mall "Zhdanovichi" Leonid Chvarkov explained:
"A small piece does not work for one simple reason — in connection with the renewal of individual entrepreneurs in the private unitary enterprises. This is a temporary phenomenon. As they have issued, immediately start to work."
I called one of the fish market women, Svetlana, whose seat is vacant. She said that filed for renewal in December, but they This time not ready. And now she can not work as a personal nor businessman nor "PUE".

The shopping center "Fashion World" and part of the construction market stalls also closed. On the door hang ads — "in connection with renewal of the documents," "in connection with the stay." Part stalls rented or sold in general. Merchants discussions are protest January 21 and they say they are ready to continue to fight for their rights:
Merchant: "pushing people to throw in paddy … I personally stood 20 meters from the Minister Naumov. And beheld when people turned to him and says" sovereign Minister as shameful for you, "he demonstrated his fingers, and the police seized by the collar and dragged to the police van. Here’s a country we have. complete fascism. "
Merchant: "If everything will rise, not only entrepreneurs, then something will happen."
Merchant: "Where the opposition where Milinkevich? Strangle us at the moment, they will push later and peredushat all one by one. Impossible to sit at home.

Conventional ads in the mall "World of Fashion"
Part of the stalls, but works. Why?
Merchant: "Who has a family, they work. Did you see how many closed on the" World of Fashion "go."
Merchant: "To live you need need to eat to survive. 37th year is coming."
Merchant: "The totalitarian country. Television what we have, what show and what’s going on?"
Merchant: "Family ties everywhere, everywhere are pulling their own sons, put".
Reporter: "Will the entrepreneurs" Chupa "?
Merchant: "Chupov" There will be no. It’s unreal. My businessman as class die ".
Merchant: "Everybody wants a print. Authorities is necessary that the people in the factories was sitting on a starvation diet, not to stand on the square, that was manageable weight, rednecks."
In Minsk mall "Parking" the same situation. Part of the stalls is not working. I talk to the dealer who has "full share of sales."
Merchant: "It makes no sense to work because we have a full share sales, because we are closed. Plenty taxes, leases and not enough buyers. B" PUE "we will not cross. This is not profitable."
Reporter: "I see part of the stalls is not working?" Merchant: "People left some work. Or some work, as there is no dealers or already profitable. And even more will be closed over time. Locked, with many leaves in February." Tags:, business strike markets in January, Minsk, empty shelves, shopping center

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