Minsk Institute created state memory

Pioneers in the creation of new public association became known in the country representatives of scientific and creative intellectuals, politicians and public figures.
First Meeting of the priest Leonid Akulovich spent a little prayer, which he graduated wishes success pioneer the creation of "Institute for Public Memory":
"Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in my face heartily welcomes you with the answer affair that you take on their shoulders, — a matter of restoring the historical memory and the state of our old-Litvinsky Belarusian people. This noble mission, though, perhaps, with nepriznatelnaya side of the country, but I hope that the appreciation of posterity. "
NGO "Institute for Public Memory" — the successor of the organizing committee for the study of the period of Stalin’s repressions, who has worked for the past year. Institute wants to examine the difficulties and promote the merits of the Belarusian civilization from ancient times to the present day, also has other tasks, says one of the founders, writer Vasily Yakovenko:
"Thought and task — deterrence decay civilian society in the country and containment disintegration of national culture."
Co-Chairs of the latest public entity will Ales Petrashkevich, Leonid Mariners, Gennady Lych, Radim Haretski. Sovereign and Gorki Ryhor Baradulin, who could not be at the meeting, sent their welcome letters.
Participants of the Constituent Assembly became also more young followers of the state as a revival. Some of them — the president of the association "Historian" Rogachev:
"State Institute of memory — a very sensible name — will allow, in our view, categorize, and return the entire fabric of the national historical memory. What you need to become a healthy civilization."
Already at the founding meeting members of the organization planned for the year 2008 a number of actions: publishing books memory of the victims of Stalinist repression, meeting with members of the Belarusian anti-Soviet resistance, evenings devoted to the fate of the family Gorecki.
About the importance and need for the creation of "Institute for Public Memory" says organizing committee member Siuchyk:
"We must welcome the establishment of all the structures, whose goal is the protection of the Belarusian identity. Hope Institute to focus on public memory is very severe, systemic, conceptual things."

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