Minsk offered no steps towards EU requirements

European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner after negotiations with the Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov stated that Minsk would not suggest specific steps to meet EU requirements. She repeated criticism in the address recent elections in Belarus:
"We currently face a critical reality. We were not happy with the parliamentary elections on 28 September and the way they were carried out — these elections did not meet international standards and our expectations."
Foreign minister Affairs of Sweden Carl Bildt these words define their attitude towards the situation in Belarus:
"They created some steps. They will unleash all political prisoners, but later they held an ugly election, as you know, they do not live up to expectations that we had. It was about the same ugly election, like those that are usually in Belarus . "
Ferrero-Waldner noted as a positive step in the August release of political prisoners. She recalled that when this step and welcomed the Belarusian opposition:
"While we were then greeted the release of political prisoners, then we have not responded to this step. I believe that we should not delay to reply, because how else, I’m afraid we will lose what else the opportunity to make a political pressure on Belarus" .
Ferrero-Waldner explained nowSchnee decision — Belarus signal, the message that Europe will award Minsk and next steps in the right direction.
She added that the EU wanted to offer something moderate forces in Belarus, to promote democratic reforms. European Commissioner acknowledged that part on the EU’s decision to end the policy of isolating Belarus Russian attack did impact on Georgia.
Mrs. Waldner highlighted that the EU is ready to close their eyes to the shortcomings of the Belarusian elections, if it means improving the EU’s position in comparison with Moscow’s position in its relations with Minsk. Tags: European Union, Ferrero-Waldner, Bildt, Belarus

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