Minsk: the trials of protesters

One of the detainees, youth activist Andrei Kim, not counting penalty sentenced to confinement for 10 days. Policemen drew him as many as three protocols: for role in unsanctioned meetings January 10 and 21, also for what he Tipo cursing obscenities.

Militiamen in protocol development, if we want to read them, used force

Another nine people detained yesterday fined for his role in an unauthorized rally. Penalty 20 baselines (700 thousand rubles) Gave a young activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Nikolai Demidenko from Polotsk, Alexander Lyubenchuka from Pinsk, a member of the movement "For Freedom" Constantine Balagura from Brest also Vadim Borovsky.
Member Junior Front Ales Krutkin also Alina Smooth and Lily Suboch of Minsk fined 30 basic units.
Fine in 40 basis (one million 400 thousand rubles) punished Yury Bakur from Brest and last businessman Misha Suboch from Minsk. Even greater penalty 50 basis received member of the movement "For Freedom" Andrew Sharenda from Brest.
Some detainees on trial for role in 2-actions immediately: January 10 and 21. For example, a husband and wife Lily and Misha Subochev fined a total difficulties on the 40 and 30 baselines. For his role in action on 10 January they received, respectively, 20 and 10 basis. They were detained in GUM after yesterday’s action Tipo on suspicion of stealing a mobile phone.
On trial Misha Subach police were confused in the testimony, and
the lawyer asked to make acquittal. But the referee ordered the penalty.
After the court hearing Suboch Misha said:
"The police officers in the preparation of protocols, if we want to read them, use physical force, tavhali, thrashed in the back."
Detainees complained fierce appeal to them by the police. 18 — year-old Nikolai Demidenko said:

Most of the very evil police treated us. They were like animals in general in the Central police station

"If we look at other courts after the 10th, the Tribunal now treated us quite loyal. Gave basis, not day. I think this is due to some political motives. Clearly, this is all on top. Yesterday very aggressively with we treated at the Central police station. Rudeness, profanity, swearing at every step. "
19-year-old Alexander Lyubyanchuk, who was detained after the action on the street Nyamiha Tipo on suspicion of stealing a mobile phone, said:
"The majority of police officers are very evil treated us. They were like animals in general in the Central police station. Akrestsin on where we were taken at night, compared with the Central police station was better. I, as the youngest, hardly touched, and the boys thrashed. When we have already brought to the tribunal and we podymali, the 1st guy just grabbed the policeman throat and began to choke him. And when his wife screamed, the police released ".

Vice-President of the International Federation Human Rights Ales Bialiatski, who watched as detainees were tried in the Central Court, said:
"I’m endlessly surprised by our authorities. How monotonous sentences we beheld after action on 10 January, and the vast majority were arrested on the day and time were quite brutal. And now we litsezreem completely different situation when, again as a blueprint, all protesters January 21 submitted fines. Of course, the courts themselves there is nothing to decide. And the essence of the matter vysluhovvaetstsa formally and practically decisions in other offices. And what were the reasons why they are not currently being arrested and fined, one can only guess. "

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