Misha Shepherds: This repressive law

The House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus on Thursday took the 2nd reading of the bill "On disk imaging, Informatization and Protection of disk imaging." According to the Minister of Communications and telephone Nicholas PANTELEI, the bill decorated requirements to process the creation, operation and state registration of information systems.
Cause if certain provisions of the Act on the basis of beliefs concern freedom disk imaging? What municipalities need this law? On these questions responsible managing Legal Defense Center BAJ last member of the Constitutional Court Misha Shepherds
Tsigankov"We can say that this law does not bear danger to freedom of speech and disk imaging in Belarus?"

Misha ShepherdsShepherds"In my opinion, it is a repressive law, which is the existence of a specific hazard-independent media in Belarus and in general freedom of information. The law is built almost ideological vertical, vertical bodies that will keep under control all flows of disk imaging, which are electrically, print media and the Web. Heading this vertical will guarantee the security of the State Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus. Practically brand new introduced system of bodies that will produce the control of information? "
Tsigankov"What are the opportunities in these bodies and what their repressive?"
Shepherds"Every body different opportunities, from the president, the government and some ministries. Even the State Academy in the field of information will make certain features may be associated with registration information resources. Moreover, each municipal enterprise where there is some source disk imaging, will be introduced post the people responsible for the introduction of this info and its dissemination. "
Tsigankov"Do representatives BAJ attention to the provisions of this Act or the discussion has gone unnoticed?"
Shepherds"BAJ lawyers than once directed attention to the incorrectness of which are in the bill, twice we sent our great suggestions and comments. Twice I was invited to a meeting of the working group, but none of fundamentally comments and suggestions were not accepted by the working group.
We generally opposed the adoption of this law. We believe that the forthcoming regulation of issues related to the right to receive and impart disk imaging will only be contrary to constitutional law. Government rushes to the information place practically introduced municipal monopoly on information. I think this is the main aim of the adoption of this unusual European states the law. "
In our view, a number of provisions of the law and contrary to the Constitution of Belarus (Articles 33 and 34, the right to freedom of speech and disk imaging) and international standards. "

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