Mogilev — collecting signatures for the board in honor of the BNR

Activists of the unregistered movement "Young Belarus" have now begun collecting signatures for the installation of the plaque on the building in which 12 July 1918 representatives of the Mogilev public supported the declaration of independence Belarusian People’s Republic. Currently this building is the Regional Museum, and in 1918 wasabout the city treasury.

An hour action activists "Young Belarus" gathered more than fifty signatures Mogilev.

will be going to transform the city of Mogilev in our dreams
"Step by step we will go to the transformation of the city of Mogilev in our dreams. We want to gather least one a thousand signatures and submit them to the Mogilev City Executive Committee, "- said" Freedom "is one of the initiators of the action Tatyana Bulanov.
Signatures were collected under the supervision of police activists who first checked the contents of the shares subscription of newsletters and information leaflets. None of the participants were detained.
According to historian Igor Mogilev Pushkin and founder of a public meeting to support independence Belarusian People Republic made Mogilev State Committee headed by its manager Misha Kahanovich. At the meeting there were about four hundred men, who by a majority vote and approved the independence of BPR.

The building, which in July 12, 1918 approved the independence of the Belarusian Mogilev People’s Republic of

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