Mogilev commemorates Holocaust victims

A dozen activists came to the river on whose banks Dubrovenka almost seven shesdesyat years ago Nazis formed a ghetto. To a symbolic space activists laid flowers wreath and lit candles memory.
Now in urban Jewish Sunday school too had read about the Holocaust. Talk about the ideology of tolerance and formation of the enemy in the form of Nazi Germany.
Clear information about how many Jews remained in the ghetto no. It is understood that during the Nazi occupation of Mogilev were shot about 10 thousand people.
Currently on the site is private sector ghetto, next — a new bridge over the river Dubrovenka. The inhabitants of the houses do not know what was once on the site of their estates. On the walls of houses NO signs, which would remind the events 67-year-old E.
Officially in Mogilev International Holocaust Remembrance day is not celebrated.

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