Mogilev detained favorite business

A 14-hours it was summoned to the police station Leninsky Mogilev as a witness and there was accused of organizing an unsanctioned rally.
From the police station in Leninsky V.Tsurpanava lucked Tribunal Mogilev. Tsurpanova accompanied by a major, a captain and ensign of militia.
The court claimed Tsurpanau translator, lawyer, and the ability to consult the case. Referee Natalya Panasenko Tsurpanova petition granted, but not freed from custody. She said that he was detained for 72 hours.
Tsurpanau does not preclude the ability to enter into
"Based on what my expectations? January 21 approaches, of course, necessary to carry out preventive actions to apprehend those who were active, not just active, but the possibility to organize people. Because likely, accused of organizing an unsanctioned meeting. Give not less than 10 days ", said" Freedom "Tsurpanau 10 minutes before the police interrogation.
Prior to January 1 Tsurpanau worked in personal shoe shop, he is now unemployed. Tags: rally, 760, business, Mogilev, decree

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