Mogilev gone small workshops phone repairs

Several 10-s small workshops finished their work due to lack of proper certificates for services. In the workshops has been criticized for the highest prices sertyfikavannya. In Mogilev Standardization and Metrology Center they say, that such a certificate addressed only one workshop.
Of mandatory certification of repair mobile phones launched on December 1. As explained, sertyfikavanne introduced due to numerous consumer complaints on the quality of repair. The same reason correspondent dubbed "Freedom" in Mogilev Telecommunications Inspection:
"Just a lot of workshops divorced, and not all provide high quality services. Phones often break after repair."
How much money needs to be invested to get the certificate? Mogilev Standardization and Metrology Center do not give a clear answer.
"Everyone has their own technical ability, depends on what it will show, and that we will inspect. This is a paid service, it is depending on at what level of difficulty and how many models and brands will be declared repair organization. From this determines the cost of repairs, "- said the Freedom Center employee.
Wishing to obtain a certificate is insignificant:
"We have this day, in my opinion, only one application. To us no one goes to get certified. Official announcement on the introduction of mandatory certification was placed in all information sources," — said the employee Mogilev center of standardization and metrology.
Meanwhile some small workshops began to run across a "shady business." Where once repaired phones to potential customers left contact numbers. To the question, why do not certificate repairers they say — "no such means."

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