Mogilev on the case of Alexander Zdzvizhkou

Man: "I am perfectly well, even militant. This sentence not only disproportionate, it is quite absurd. Hopefully, that will be from religious leaders of various denominations appropriate reaction. To me, at least, would have liked."

Should treat with respect to other people’s religion … Maybe a little punishment was be. Plant — it was not worth

Old lady: "No, I would have given conditionally."
Youth"In Europe, it is not judged. We Muslims in the country, one might say, a national minority, and their faith can not just insulting."
Reporter: "Do you think the verdict fair?"
Man: "No, unfair. Could do a fine or a suspended sentence. I think so."
Lady: "This is the religion of many people. They respect their religion, their own love of God. I think others should also treat with respect to a foreign religion. Because a fine, maybe a little punishment should be. Plant — it’s not worth it. "
Two older gentlemen: "Not quite fair. This is a personal outlook ethe man, and it is not necessary to raise the level of high politics. You need to evaluate it because it was said, but they are here … Someone make himself handy style fighter for Muhammad. "

After all, he knew what was coming … He risked own life. Think it’s fair

2nd man: "I’m about the same performance. Religion I do not like it — neither Islam nor Catholicism or Orthodoxy. Antyreligiynik I particular, as statedsmiling. "
Young lady: "It’s fair. I do not know. After all, he knew what was coming. Knew how it would be penalized. Right? He risked his own life. I think that is true."
Man: "Of course, I do not know the law, but with the need to fight, that in our country there was no ethnic differences. Could post void. It’s not for me to decide. I am not competent in such matters. This case our government, the country, they determine and decide how and how to punish. "
Man: "I think it is unfair. Cartoons is not only the Prophet Muhammad, and they are published in other publications — and Christian themes, and politicians. I do not think that it is an occasion in order to punish them for their work. "
Lady: "justice."
Reporter: "Three years serious mode? "
Lady: "No, seriously, can, and do not need. Maybe deprive positions. Newspapers and shut down? Well, this, of course, should not have done. I think it’s not much of a misdemeanor."

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