Moral bankruptcy. Who incite the United States and Turkey

Moral bankruptcy. Who incite the United States and Turkey
Russophobic sharp statement from the State Department broke Ms Victoria Nuland. Let me remind you — this is the «Miss executioner», which called for direct text «to tighten the noose» on the neck of Syria and its people, speaking for tightening sanctions.

But these words of his mistress on the loop is considered normal, but Russia has accused of «moral bankruptcy.»

The reason for such statements was the incident with the Syrian plane force is seated in Ankara. Mrs. Nuland not attracted cargo plane in which drove quite legitimate power radios. About the contents of cargo hastened to share with the State Department of Prime Minister Erdogan, who had not yet presented itself of, but first ran to report to the United States. And on the basis of its report Nuland and makes his anti-Russian statements.
But even Washington had to admit that no laws Our homeland is not violated. Recognized by the UN embargo on Syria, something does not exist in nature, and one-sided sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the European Union, apply only to those countries themselves, and our homeland under this decision, do not sign and must comply with them.

And if there is no violation of the law, Washington would do well to remain silent in a rag, and not to oppose Russia. But the same hunt!

Ms. Nuland twisted — if there is no legal basis to accuse Russia, she dragged the moral side of things here. Say, «no responsible government should not incite the Assad regime.»

But Nuland, talked about morality — it’s the same as if Chikatilo read about the commandment «Thou shalt not kill» …

U.S. will not behold the moral violations in the actions of Turkey, which has treated barbarously passengers and crew Syrian Airbus without providing passengers with children, constrained search and wait until permission to fly, even small facilities and applying direct violence to the crew members.

Especially since the U.S. did not behold the Morality in the one-sided sanctions hitters on the Syrian people. They do not behold the nothing immoral in inciting armed ‘opposition’, consisting of outright bandits. And here is to provide at least some support and surrounded by locked country facing untold difficulties, behold the U.S. «amoralkoy.»

Maybe they are in fact so concerned about «human rights»? But for some reason they are very selective about it baked. In the Arab world there is also countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, where no human rights does not smell and did not smell ever. But these countries are U.S. allies, and therefore, in their minds, the people there can suffer without rights and without a constitution and without elections — from him, they say, do not lose anything.

For example, in Bahrain last worked CNS Channel correspondent Amber Lyon. She managed to capture a lot of violations of the rights of people, facts reprisals against protesters in Bahrain, while she really risked my life at all. But it all turned out unclaimed. Journalist, received three awards «Emmy», who has worked on Channel 4 years, was fired CNS control and gets its own danger in the address from the officials. Since the truth about what is happening in the country — the U.S. does not need an ally. Indeed, in Bahrain is a South American base, and therefore the regime of this country can do anything. Same information about the suffering of the people of Bahrain unprofitable.

But the policies of Syria displeasing States, there is no American base, and President Bashar al-Assad refused to be an American puppet. Because of the trumpet «otstutstvii democracy» In Syria, profitably, and if there are no facts, they need to come up with. What information industry and is engaged in the United States, the West and Syria aggressive, but the U.S. allied Arab states.

Encouraged America Erdogan also made a statement, which is oriented against Russia. And not only of the Russian Federation, and China and the UN Security Council as a whole. He proposed to reform the Security Council, calling it «unfair and unequal system that does not represent the views of the majority of states.»

Naturally, in the proposal to reform Sobvez seemingly nothing disgusting. Reform it offered many progressives, for example, Muammar Gaddafi, who at one point even broke Tired of the UN, as he, in his words, «a great country gives you the opportunity to bombard the small country.» But in what direction the reform of the Security Council offers Erdogan and the context in which states this?

Speaking at the international conference in Istanbul, Erdogan said: «If we wait for the decision of the 1st or 2-permanent members of UN Security Council, then Syria’s future will be in the threat.»

That meant the newly appeared «Ottoman Pasha»? Of course, the veto of Russia and China, imposed on anti-Syrian resolution.

Hands scratching the gentlemen-democratic democratizers bomb bombs another country. And Our homeland and China hinder this democratic will. And so the «Syria’s future under threat» — And did not wait for this country democratic bombs!

Erdogan offers refom UN, but the wrong way to do what was fair and just, and not about equality of peoples, he is worried. Not in order to reform it offers Sobvez to finish once and for all shameful practice of military intervention in the internal affairs of other countries Just opposite — that if you really «democratizers» want to bomb or kill any sovereign government — that no one would not have the right of veto and the ability to prevent the metal path of American «democracy.»

In other words, Erdogan proposes such configuration Tired UN, which would defeat Russia and China veto and would strengthen South American diktat.
In «democratizers» at the moment and so huge impunity ability to assist the rebels, fighting against Syria. What do they do, do not settle with what moral principles and a blind eye to the atrocities of their own «pet» — So-called militants «Free Syrian Army». And no UN Security Council, unfortunately, unable to prevent them from doing so, and to suspend their illegal interference in the affairs of independent states.
Militants also using such support, strengthen and terror against the Syrian army, and against innocent people of the country.

Their victims are often representatives of the most peaceful occupations. So, in Aleppo, they opened a real hunt against employees of public utilities. Workers cleaning rubbish guilty of militants by the fact that go to work.

In the Sheikh Maksidi town Aleppo terrorists opened fire on workers who purified the city from the mud. No, not from the terrorist mud — the case of the military. Peace workers cleaned everyday and debris gryazyuka, but apparently militants untainted city does not need — maybe they rely construct barricades of garbage?

As a result of the attack died driver cleaner, and passerby. Several janitors were injured.
But it seemed not many gangsters, and they attacked the janitors who worked on the area Kadi Askar. Died at their hands working Muhammad Hayat.
Such is the «revolution» aimed against even the janitors, and we, trusting, believed that revolutions are made in the interests of ordinary people!
Nasty sin made «Free Syrian Army» in the town of Naha. Terrorist group attacked a nursing home, his firing of grenade launchers. Wounding four pensioners destroyed three rooms, the building suffered great material damage.

In the same town of gunmen opened fire on a refugee camp Al Aidin. Died citizen, injuring two.

In the province of Homs bandits planted an explosive device that detonated service bus, resulting in the deaths of four government employees and another 20 injured.

Terrorists are activated and in Damascus. During the terrorist attack in the capital area Zaplatani wounded 12 students. Hit home raskurocheny cars.

About the structure of the Ministry of Higher Education car bomb exploded. Several people were injured.

In the nearby area of ​​Mezze Al-Fatah was also a car bomb exploded. Was seriously injured employee magazine «Al-Azmina» Youssef Wannous put it. Harmed buildings and parked cars.

This bloody atrocities list grows with every funny day. I am obliged to only write about some of them, so how else would not have had any newspaper …

But Western countries continue to support this pseudo-revolutions, considering it is completely moral. Syria is constantly threatened invasion, and another reason, to aggravate the situation, was a series of incidents on the Syrian-Turkish border. But, there are details that shelling villages Akchakale that began on the border between exacerbation with 2 countries, was carried out of a cannon standard NATO. And one of the rebel groups even took responsibility for this fire, but the Western masters were ordered to keep silent group. In addition, President Obama once again signed a decree on the introduction of new sanctions against Iran and Syria.

Fortunately, not everyone in the world support the criminal policy of strangulation Syria. One of these friends of the Syrian Arab Republic, which has always stood out in her support — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, not so long ago again won the presidential election. Immediately after the victory, he made his own statement in support of Syria, saying directly and unequivocally, without diplomatic circumlocutions and halftones: «If we do not support the legitimate government of Syria and its president Bashar al-Assad, whom we then support? Neuzh that terrorists who sow destruction?

Syrian people can appreciate real friends, and many Syrians rejoiced victory of Chavez. In election day his name can be heard in the public transport, and in coffee shops, and even some buildings appeared portraits Chavez, near portraits of Bashar al-Assad.

In Defense of Syria made and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. In an interview with the British newspaper «The Independent» BBC television and he lashed out against the plans of the West, which «carries its democracy by force methods and writes scripts for the overthrow of Governors of other states, with all this supporting means and instrument of overt terrorists.»

Solidarity with Syria expressed by organizations such as the League of Lebanese Workers Communist Party of Slovakia. The Syrian community in Jordan held a rally in support of the motherland.

Arab-Indian Solidarity Council met in Divide, where support was expressed for the management, the army and the people of Syria. Chairman of the Board Dr. Bhim Singh urged the Indian government to act more actively in the framework of the Non-Aligned Movement, to support Syria in the heavy situation. At the meeting as a distinguished guest was salting Syria in India Riyadh Abbas, who told the truth about what is happening. Council members condemned Turkey for solid act of air piracy in relation to a civilian Syrian aircraft. They also appreciated the position of Russia and China opposed direct interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

Great demonstration of solidarity with Syria was held in the Lebanese capital Beirut. It assumed the role of representatives of the Syrian community and patriotic organizations in Lebanon. Its members went to the Russian embassy, ​​where a delegation of protesters took salting of in Lebanon Alexander Zasipkin thanked participants. «Thank you, Our homeland!» — Shouted the demonstrators.

People and the army of Syria continues to resist the pro-Western terrorists, and expanded global support unconquered country. And we, the citizens of the Russian Federation must also see who our enemies, and who is friends. Who blame us in a fabulous «morality» and who says «Thank you, Our homeland».
Created by Lena Gromov, Damascus

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