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According to the company "Belpochta" on January 10, in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia", which belongs to the presidential administration, approximately 362 thousand subscribers. Characteristics of other municipal publications less even if put them together. Thus, the subordinate Council of Ministers "Republic" has 50 thousand subscribers, "parliamentary" "Narodnaya Gazeta" — 29 thousand, only a Belarusian "Star" — 35000. In the range of 30 thousand copies varies circulation weekly "7 days", which is the holding company with the Belarusian Telegraph Agency. Adding errant number of newspapers, which are realized through the "Belsayuzdruk" (2 thousand in the "Stars" to 50 thousand in the "Security"), we obtain the real circulation of municipal media.
"SB": there were only those who love us
Number of circulations, which municipal media jumped in the new year 2008, significantly lower than last year. If last year’s statistics, "Russian Belarus" did not fall below half a million copies, at the moment, the corresponding figures at the level of 418 thousand.

Through administrative resource subscription has remained. The main problem "SB" in that newspaper kiosks did not take huge write-offs were specifically in kiosks

Cause in the wording "SB" been explained laconically — "improved circulation." One of the managers said that if all previously criticized the newspaper for what it is abusing "administrative subscription", but now, they say, it’s not: "Subscribe only those who love us," — concluded the source.
Chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina has a perspective on how the official media "improve" its circulation. It is based on the example of the same "Russian Belarus":
"Through the administrative resource subscription has remained. Main problem" SB "that newspaper kiosks did not take huge write-offs were specifically in kiosks. And when they say they are about optimizing the circulation, they are simply adminusavali those numbers that lay dormant not been sold. "
Reporter: "In the edition they say, that at the moment 54 thousand newspapers leaves at kiosks. "
"Well, it is very not much. You can calculate: almost 2-3 rooms on kiosk. That is not much. So that’s the whole secret of circulation "SB": push subscription, while the sale of the newspaper has no demand. Means it is not necessary to readers. "
At the end of last year became public knowledge and analytical note of the then manager of the Information Analytical Center under the administration of President Nina Shpak. According to the official, the Mogilev region for the first half of 2007 write-off of retail "Mogilevsky statements" exceeded 50%, "Russian Belarus" — 45%, "Republic" — 36%. A similar pattern in other regions. While it is unclear that the leak was related to disk imaging yesterday’s resignation of Ms. Shpak.

In the 2008 budget to finance municipal media foreseen more than 158 billion rubles, almost 75 million dollars

"Optimization" — costs written off circulation?
Meanwhile soon accomplished joint board of the Ministry of disk imaging, "Belposhta" and "Belsayuzdruk" with the role of the Governing main municipal newspapers. For example, "Narodnaya Gazeta" sounded number: debt runs for 9 months of 2007 amounted to about 20%, equivalent to 18 million rubles. 11 million rubles in the red "Banner of youth." Together unrealized loss of instances exceeded 50 million rubles — excluding "SB" and "Republic", respectively subordinate the presidential administration and the Council of Ministers.
Hardly official newspapers was very confused by reducing the number of subscribers. The law on the 2008 budget to finance municipal media foreseen more than 158 billion rubles, the equivalent of almost 75 million dollars. In 2007, to support the media spent about 65 million dollars. For comparison, in 2004 the municipal propaganda "used the" less than 30 million dollars.

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