Municipal trade is not interested in lowering?

Usually at the mall "Capital" is not uzreesh queues — prices here as statedsmiling, biting. But not now. I went to turn in one of the shops some clothes for youth and ask the young fashionistas, they’re going to get.
Woman: "beautiful blouse. Came here, because I always like it here, and now to the same so that there discounts up to 50%. "

Reporter: "And where else in Minsk you can buy products at a discount?"
Woman: "I do not know."
Her friend: "Maybe at the" Field of Dreams. "Is there anything cheaper priobretesh for money."
In other stores, "capital" also see ads on discounts: 30% fashionable footwear fell by 15% — Sports odezhka. But no queues. A customer with an 45 years old, something unhappy. Ask what.
"All these discounts — only for jackets, cardigans for girls. Thin, thin. But to find something for the ladies my age and shapes on the slide, unfortunately, impossible."
The lady said it will continue to search in the municipal stores that used to dress.
"Discounts canceled by order of administration"
Go to the GUM, which until This time considered the flagship of the Belarusian trade. Moderate plyakatsik congratulates buyers approaching New Year. Digits with interest, crossed catchy band showcases GUM is not visible.
GUM employee Ira says that additional discounts recently prazdnichkom they do not use. After enough buyers. A as for discounts in general, they have.
"Our GUM still doing discounts, unlike other department stores. We have loans, there are various tricks to lure a buyer. There are discount cards — gold, silver, platinum. In each section for a particular product there is. You buy a certain amount and get a discount, for example, 10%. Through this radio unit informed. "
Look at the products at a discount I was sent to the third floor. There I found the curtains to 25% cheaper than usual. Some fabrics are also sold at 15% discount. But many buyers in these sections I saw.
In the women’s section odezhki where buyers was enough explained to the cashier: have had their prices, although small, up to 10%. "But with present a day or their general order of administration canceled. Said that before the New Year and all so perfectly snapping "- told the lady. Tags: new, trade, share sales, year

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