Music from the screen connected to the teeth clanging spectators zmerzshyh

"Orsha bulletin", year 1917. The newspaper reported: "The introduction of the new calendar will be settled on the old days. Transition to gregaryyanskaga calendar fundamentally resolved. Reform will be carried out in such a way, that the Russian proletariat could celebrate May 1st immediately with the proletariat around the world . "
"Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937 under the title "In Mozyrsk gorteatry no owner" writes: "For the" amusement "of the public in the 2nd faye often plays jazz orchestra — a pathetic parody of a real orchestra. Several people something tiresomely the compile. Way , any viewer is not clear that they play in their repertoire of old and uninteresting. easier not account for the viewer and in the hall. Chill forces instruct collars, music with the screen connected to the clanking teeth zmerzshyh viewers. "
On the pages of "Lima" in 1947 M.Gortsav someone writes on ideological and political education of the intelligentsia: "There is still a false legend, though, would light of culture in Belarus not penetrated the East from Russia and the West (namely by Lithuanian and Polish country through the Roman Catholic Church), to the effect that-be in the XIV-XVI centuries Belarus experienced a "golden age" of social-economic, political and cultural development. "

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