Musical partisan in Belarus and Belarusians

Since the director is so called the "Blacklist" of banned in Belarus, the film represented BPF activist Franak Vyachorka. He was the hero of the previous film Dembinskogo about Belarus "Lessons whiteRussian language. "
Film has ironically satirical character. Specifically, in such manner heroes movie musicians of "NRM" Pete Pavlov and Lavon Wolski talk about Belarus. Specifically, in such manner singer Svetlana Sugako knows about his own fate and your own tour of Belarus, with employees when they tried to arrange a series of concerts, but they forbade it.
The movie will be distributed in different ways in Belarus. Franak Vyachorka says:

"The movie has already been presented in Poland in the opening day channel" Belsat. "This movie was prepared with "Belsat". Global presentation of the film was accomplished even earlier, in late November, at the film festival in Holland. This prestigious festival in Europe. With present a day or film is in Belarus and Belarusians. The movie falls into the local network, web downloads. Will be distributed via DVD-drives, CD-drives. Everyone who wants to be able to look at it, buy, look. "
Pete Pavlov explained to "Radio Liberty" that the word guerrilla Belarusians has special meaning:
"This is the fruit of almost 3-year collaboration with Miroslav Dembinski. He met with us — with me and Levon. He recorded these video interviews and recording our video shows. And at some point in his head, apparently zyavilsya Art concept, as it is all to embrace. "
During the week, guests will be able to look at the web movie, in which, by the way, especially creators have changed the last verse is popular with the youth of the song "Turtle".

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