N.Halezin: Life should be colored

Public editor this week Nikolai Khalezin ’44. Served in the army, threw so called "Narxoz" when he realized that his vocation — creativity. Worked in the first Belarusian-independent publications to engage in political consulting, wrote several plays. In 2005 with his wife Natalia Kolyada they organized Free Theatre — independent team that does not have financing in Belarus, its stage and space for rehearsals. At the moment, it is part of an international project, which is under the auspices of Vaclav Havel and Tom Stoppard. Nobel laureate Harold Pinter Theatre gave all rights to his plays. December 10 2007 troupe won the French Republic. On April 13 2008 in Thessaloniki, they awarded the prize "Europe — the theater."

— When you leave Belarus and apynaessya in a European country, you begin to get used to things, from which over the past years, we generally weaned. I’m talking about huge exhibition, some extraordinary theatrical productions, meetings with writers in bookstores …
There — is the norm today life. There you realize that it must not only stressful, and more — in color. And from that — very beautiful.
In Belarus, walk past the theater hall and no desire to even look repertoire. You know in advance that "give" … Just do not have hope for a fantastic meeting in a bookstore and a modern star performance in the concert hall …
As the my friend Vladimir Scherban, our life — it is in the best case, the development of gray. But in most cases in this range generally have color. No pulse to the life, no matter how we want to live.
Not so long ago I visited France, where with 2 daughters went to a concert by one of the groups, a fanatical adherent of which I had previously never been. But wanted to make the girls visited the real concert.
And eventually I got even sudden energy that really read about the daughters, who have seen the tremendous raschudesny Hall concert. For them it was bliss.
Therefore hunt to us and come to Belarus not inflated, and the true star. To svyatleyshy became our life. That changed by gamma grayish color. That radiates energy. Tags: public, editor Khalezin

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