National authorities thought — live and do not think

Undercover Kupala. Clues to its current ideology give new directions. That "explanation Kupala" today’s "major writer" and a fighter are independent newspapers for their honor and dignity Nikolai Cherginets. "… No longer ask, "Who goes there? "And immediately answer — it goes Belarusians. Since their most beautiful, dressed up and spotless streets, since their life is so arranged that they constantly strive forward " — Cherginets said during the official celebration of the anniversary of Kupala
Fetyshyzm "unblemished streets"

We will not speculate whether the current pervasive dream Kupala monotonous tiles, instead of old-laid pavers. Just note how the argument "untainted street" pops up more than once in the confirmations adherents of today’s government. Here, of course, you can dig in Freudian rustic origin of our "urban residents in the first generation" with spotless streets — is a metaphysical gap between "dirty" of the village, the main indicator of civilization.
For "urban residents in the first generation of" unblemished streets — metaphysical gap between "dirty" village, the main indicator of civilization.
It must be admitted that the deepest mark and sign a multi-faceted. In 1-x, — "abundance" ("as in, we had enough funds to pave the streets or in the present," zaplitkavats "and enough money to keep the purity"). In-2, "Procedure" ("we dystsiplina and order on the streets is not crap, we do not write any piece of crap on the walls. Moreover, people do not run across the street to the red light"). B-3, our "Features" ("an escape to West streets are dirty, so there various punks and nonconformists they are painted. A dirty street in Russia, as they are uncultured people on the streets all throw ").

For "urban residents in the first generation of" unblemished streets — a metaphysical gap between "dirty" village, the main indicator of civilization.

Belarusians to own landed praktychnastsyu so vlyubavali "unblemished blonde wide" streets with modern tiles laid down that in Minsk, for example, has already left an old historic pavers. Generally, the destruction of an old town meets the most absolute indifference. People just are not accustomed to recognize the value of these malehankih facilities, lodges and vulak. Something that can not endure the great temple — it seems most of the uptake, but the same people puzzled shrug, finding nothing seditious in the demolition of houses in Nyamiha. Brand new car park — it’s so modern, excellent and necessary.
Architecture has inevitable, though not always perceptible impact on the formation of outlook. Once read an article about how China demolished entire old districts, and no one there has no objection to this, not even surprised. In China, sheepishly explained western film maker reigns incomprehensible to Europeans indifferent attitude to the past, the Chinese do not behold the nothing of value in these cramped quarters of old. In Belarus, a country that calls itself a strategic partner of China — also reigns the same attitude towards non-European history. After the story, as you know, we started in 1994 — and was formerly darkness, chaos, and "Russian were sitting on their suitcases."
Lofty farming dream — "to all as humans"

They say, that power the state has no idea, but I think it somehow spontaneously formed in the subsequent motto: "Live and nothing do not think."
In the media, disk imaging at the moment there is a certain deidealyagizatsyya and depoliticization. Alexander Lukashenko did not show as often as another 3-5 years ago — scary to imagine, but stories with his role is not necessarily open applets news for example, ONT. Instead of political propaganda in the primetime show crime, TV series and entertainment shows, the number of which the country seems ready to set the record (the rest is filled with essential place for sports). That was all, "as people", bought Western and Russian licensed programs, even with all this somehow "special" parade highlights drugasnasts own — at their "Vremechko" we "Belarusian time" in their "Our Rush, "we (ugadaytse with 3 times?) -" Our Belarasha. "
Around all the small civilization tend to be different, that and find his niche in the current globalized world, and we are — to be "like everyone else." Lofty farming dream …
We deprive you of unnecessary burden to make decisions
How indicative said several months backwards in the air "Freedom" in the program "Prague accent" Pavel Yakubovich, "less society will talk about national identity, the faster Belarus will overcome the crisis." And really — what unnecessary discussion, reflection for what? Make a career, earn money, play, drink, watch hockey — that’s where the state authorities thought. And do not fool yourself for a head there democracy human rights, revival whiteRussian language. No "accursed" questions Dostoevsky and Pozniak. ("I deprive you of the chimera of conscience" — read one politician, in which "it was not all bad" in Germany)

Make a career, earn money, play, drink, watch hockey — State authorities thought.

That "Prague accent" called "mixture bullpen and kindergarten" — the definition of Svetlana Aleksievich. Indeed, Belarusians, as small kids, now rejoice that they are given toys, every year more and more expensive toys (taken from the "big brother" ) — and for that they were deprived of the need to respond to various "bad" questions. Behind them will say "adult" — power. This is the worst — to make decisions, "we deprive you of this unnecessary burden."
This, in my opinion, is the essence of the famous "social contract". Power said — "Here here here and do not climb — see what happens to those who go there go to?" and people responded with delight — "and we do not need, let us bread! . " And it seems a large part of the Belarusian society such "contract" like. What happens if the "toys" will end?

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