NBB: The situation has improved with the currency

Is there a problem with the purchase or sale of foreign currency in banks? About exchanger "Belarusian-Swiss bank" on the Freedom Square in Minsk — no rush. Come and me all you want. Or so for a day or always? The cashier did not explain. I ask Victoria, who works with clients that apply for visas at foreign embassies here and get currency:
"I can not say that such a tense situation. Now — fine. But there are days are especially Mon when people vorachivayutsya and they say that there is no currency."
According to the information managers of commercial banks require their own subordinates to make every effort to satisfy the demand for currency in the midst of ordinary people. Frame it mattersetsya in order to avoid panic.
As there are a huge company-importers? Either they feel financial difficulties in including defect currencies?
Grodno association "Nitrogen" supplies to world markets ammonia, synthetic fibers, nitrogen fertilizers. Raw materials for their production buys the currency. According to the manager-independent trade union Basil Korobov, currency at the moment enormous difficulties, so it must not only to pay for deliveries of raw materials, and to pay for a big loan for 700 million dollars. Meanwhile with sales also started tasks:
"Previously, when they were selling well, the plan quickly pay for credit, and at the moment the situation is different, the implementation fell."
But clear statement of financial position-independent association favorite union has not. Why?
"If we had this information earlier, we could explain to the people the situation and increased our credibility. Authorities have seen it, and all the information currently buried. All they say that it is" proprietary. "Although what’s lurking here, if the currency earning all together? "
In the service of the company’s marketing just on the basis of "commercial Enigma" refused to give information about the dynamics of trade with foreigners.
State Bank, meanwhile, does not hide information about the steps taken to control cash flow in the country. Managing disk imaging control Anatoly Drozdov:
"National Bank instructed commercial banks to report to us about requests to purchase foreign currency in the OTC market for a day or three before the purchase, and for what purpose. Earlier they reported. Simply, we decided to take the cash flows under greater control.’s All."
According to Anatoly Drozdov, the measures of the National Bank give fruit: excessive demand for foreign currency in the midst of individuals does not appear, but in the last days even more people started selling dollars and euros. Anatoly Drozdov also denied the information according to which people began to take Tipo ruble deposits in banks.
Will it continue to detain the National Bank with the currency situation under control? Recognizable economist Leonid Zaika states that almost everything will depend not only on bankers. "When people expect the crisis, even one word may be decisive "- says economist:
"If I say that the Russian ruble will fall, but it’s utter Zlotnikau Romanchuk but still recognizable 10 economists, and later it will pick up the newspaper — so just fall down and the Belarusian ruble."
According to Leonid Zaika, lately of the dollar will rise further, that "completely normal." Tags: stutterer, banks, excitement, thrushes, currency

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