Need to be friends — and visas will be as for the Russians …

Man: "I think that our people is not withstanding, these visas and sustain. Only thing I would like to assist them to gain intelligence, because they are very biased towards us."
Man: "So makarom they wish to justify that they are a European force. And Actually — "Chicken is not a bird, not a foreign country Poland."
Young Man: "Likely as president, and we have such attitude of the EU it accordingly. Because so it is. "
Woman: "I do not even know as abroad also do not drive and are not interested in similar issues."
Man: "At this question answered themselves EU ambassadors who work in Minsk. In "free news" they said, so that times of Belarusians satisfy the conditions in which they live, that’s their business. Yes and attitude of the respective states of the European Union. And when Belarusians take in head closer to European standards, then the ratio will be to them as to the people, who live in the European Union. And so — have what you have. "
Woman: "I do not know. Maybe from a great love for the Belarusians. Apparently, something we did not satisfy them."
Lady: "I believe that this is due to political reasons. Our policy does not suit them. They are more Russians adore, because those they sell gas. "
Man: "It is necessary to ask our president, let him answer, he wants we justify this. "
Man: "There are some problems with the state administration. They decide to These problems. We have a rich country because of visa and more expensive for us, and they put the difference for yourself in the pocket. "
Woman: "Maybe the EU is unwilling to recognize our independence, because the Ukrainians and Russians. But it is not associated with a state nepryyazzyu it concerns policy areas. Think that our politicians need to make every effort to ensure that the citizens of Belarus took advantage of a par with other such same rights. "
Man: "I think, you just need to be friends with all nations, and then the visa will be — because the Russians, Ukrainians, and others. "

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