Neuzh something Belarusians do not care what country to live? ….

Both in relations between Moscow and Minsk restored political activity, then immediately vorachivayutsya old and excitement about the threat that threatens the independence of Belarus. At this event in his letters directs the attention of many listeners of Liberty.
"Neuzh something people all the same, country in which to live? Neuzh that independence for us — not value? "- Writes to us from Catherine Savchuk Pinsk district. -" If value, then why so little people gathered to protest against the visit of Putin? "
So, now managed: Belarus has not yet purchased. But could buy! Much discussion, it was the other day that Putin arrives to sign the Constitution Act, and in the end — to become president of the united country and offer Lukashenko as Speaker.
"Bitter and sad at heart. All the signs are that we uniformly rusyfikuyuts hundred percent, then there remains no obstacle to join Belarus to the Russian Federation in the form of six new provinces" —

— Wrote in his own letter to freedom Catherine Savchuk of Pinsk district.
Rumors that Vladimir Putin’s visit to Minsk may end some fatal consequences for the Belarusian independence, were officially refuted before the start of the visit. Perhaps because it was not very obvious excitement about the middle of most of the Belarusian society.
Generally, in the past 13 years in Belarus many times raised the alarm about the dangers of one or another of the state independence, that public opinion is already accustomed to these cries, and often does not accept them as something real and severe.
About the latest political developments in Russia, ways that can wait for Russian and Belarusian society, argues in his own letter to the freedom of our creator davneshny Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi. He writes:

"Putinism — is a definite market brezhnyavizmu form when wimp adopts many Western elements of behavior

"Putinism — is a definite market brezhnyavizmu form when wimp adopts many Western elements of behavior: apolitical, care of privacy, in particular sporting interests in the acquisition of funds for the welfare … It is in such very long period and enters the Belarusian society, tired, so and without waiting for a president Shushkevich Poznyak Vyachorka, Milinkevich and others …
Unlike the Soviet Union under Brezhnev and Putin of Russia, Belarus is a small country fully capable of providing philistine consumption standard, even without its oil to its highest prices. Contrary to the views of the opposition Belarusian mass abyvatalstvu did not need Western standards and norms of political and public life. Philistine comfortable in your own personal little world, and he is not ready to go into battle furiously for a own "Bill of Rights".
Another thing is that Lukashenko — not endless. After its stability in Belarus can provide only rich oligarchic elite that reacts to your enthusiasm. In the Eurasian world has long-term (20-30 years), middle-class Western-style will not. Its role will be to make the top 10-15 percent of the rich people. "

Finally own writing Ales Martinovic makes subsequent output:
"Starting a new political cycle in our part of Europe can come in 40 years (the minimum — 20). And sadly mistaken Democrats that ideologically Belarus Tipo can be free from the processes taking place in the adjoining great Russia", —

— So says Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi.
Few strongly in opposition denies significant (and from time to time and decisive) impact on Russian Belarusian actions sovereign Martinovic. The current average Belarusian relative prosperity, the consumer boom, you are writing about, almost all specifically justified economic situation in Russia. Russian market, pumped billion oil and gazadalyarav simply absorbs more Belarusian products, regardless of the price rise and not very highest quality.
Gets whether segodnyaschy power save such as consumer benchmark for the population if the situation on the fuel market will change suddenly and prices for oil and gas will go down? And if society remains the same apolitical, focused on consumer malehankih own joys, if wages, unlike the price rise will end when there will be a severe tension in the labor market? Hardly have to wait 40 years, so it came out.
Since the beginning this week Belarus canceled social benefits, which benefited many elderly people, the disabled and students. Now fare in public transport, utilities and medications all are equally necessary to pay full price.
The reviews letters and calls in the near future once the voices of the people, angered by this decision of the authorities. But our listener Victor Makarevich of Volozhin district village Nyarovy their attitude to such reactions to the abolition of privileges. He writes:
"What are all the same, our people are selfish. If opposition politicians disappeared when healthy people threw in" loony bin "- all did not care, it did not concern them. And when touched benefits — immediately a flurry of indignation, shouting. As if this is the only wrong decision power.
If we were all united, unified — there would be such an outrageous violation of the law. But all around is silent — only to them personally is not hooked. Something similar, for sure, it was in the years of Stalinism.
Our poor Vasil Bykov! How he urged people to be Belarusians, not cattle. But calls remained unheeded. And many churches that we paadchynyalisya, many stroll with Satan in the shower.
Opposition we actually suppressed, although in any lawful state opposition operate freely, "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the freedom of the village of Victor Makarevich Nyarovy Volozhin district.
Special protests sovereign Makarevich, Belarus and was not on the abolition of social benefits. Remember, first in November unions and communists called on Citizens on Soc March — just Under the motto of conservation benefits. Thousands of people gathered half to two: still less than the European March, which took place a week before.
Our friend Constantine Syrel with Ushachi still remember the funny stories from nedavneshnego past, which were witnessed himself or his friends. On This time — story about so called "A radio" — wire broadcasting, which in Belarus the same time want to say goodbye. Konstantin Syrel writes:
"This story started before Lukashenko, and ended with him already. Entered the regional nodes of the above order: instead of" radio sets "all villagers put ultrakarotkahvalevyya radyepryymachy. Poles with wire — Down, is not modern, unreliable, uneconomic, etc. . But where are those perceived to take yes for what means, and even in such numbers?
All management communications hub bustled, head wherever they went — and in Brest and Mogilev and Minsk failure everywhere. Those perceived promise, but soon. A meanwhile it is time to "report and report ispalnenii." And here "report" not at all! Well, boss — a reprimand, but the premium is 100 percent off. Perfectly still, that does not work with Popper.
But here came the presidency Alyaksandr Lukashenka. And after a while zanervavavsya, worried: "How is it, because they will not radyepryymachy through me, sweetheart, listen, and various boogie? NOT paydet so need vasstanavits wired radio broadcasting."
So began the newcomer "company". And in those areas where the hurried and bonuses for the elimination of poles and wires paatrymlivali nor that there is no wire, no pillars — dug up, so let blamed on various personal needs. Try to update it all! Well, flew to leaders reprimands former coupled with deprivation of premium only crack was.
And we have those poles with wire did not have time to clean. So our then Chief node communication through a short
time, "reported ispalnenii" new order — and lagging at one point hit the foremost. Durable his superiors praised as an example to put all. But for some reason the selected award did not return, "-

— Wrote in a letter to his own freedom with Konstantin Syrel Ushachi.
A wired radio, despite the ominous directive, then came back in the middle of the 90s, not everywhere. In addition to this time in the distant villages can see the curves of wood poles with dangling wires — a typical monument of Russian propaganda for what people had to the same pay — tickets cost 40 cents a month Russian.
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