New elections will not

5 people sought to recognize the results of elections to the House of Representatives 4th convocation in their own surroundings invalid, four more sought a recount at some polling stations.
Secretary of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Lozovik said "Freedom":
"Complaints although they were quite bulky, but certain violations of the electoral legislation, which would give a reason for canceling the elections surrounded or revise the results of voting at some polling stations, it was not. ‘Cause all the complaints were without gratification."
Among those who are now denied CEC — Sergei Kalyakin, Vladimir Navasyad, Leonid Nevar, Vladimir Sekerka and others. Sovereign Navasyad explains that during the election campaign in his entourage had a huge number of violations. For example, the opponent — the current House of Representatives Gennady Davydko — Power, contrary to the law, made a huge public relations campaign:
"For 5 days prior to the election in the newspaper" Minsk Courier "released its election program from circulation of 10 thousand copies. And it spread particularly in the electoral environment. Meanwhile, in the law, in a special decree of the CEC listed republican publications, which can be aaplet print. And of course, there is a difference when it is not printed 20 days before the election, as the law provides for, and for 5 and spread surrounded. "
Navasyad Vladimir says that he did not count on the fact that the CEC should take when dealing with complaints fundamentally position. And its appeal here explains only personal obligations to his own team:
"A lot of people I used in the election campaign. And before that, I first have to to do all use of all abilities. "
9 of complaints CEC razgledela seven. Two were not considered at all, since the applicants filed their "in violation of the procedures and terms of supply."
Secretary of the Central Commission Nikolai Lozovik says that more applicants skraditstsa nowhere:
"The electoral law provides for that in these matters the CEC’s decision is final and not appealable."

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