New York Times: U.S. sanctions not yet canceled

Belarus, which is often called the last dictatorship in Europe, — writes "New York Times", — appeared in the Sun with the deepest diplomatic freeze. EU temporarily lifted travel restrictions for President this country Lukashenko. After tensions between the EU and Moscow nedavneshnego after the conflict in Georgia, the European ministers of foreign affairs decided paslabtsi travel ban on members of the Belarusian administration hoping to lure the country out of the scope of the impact of Moscow.
Diplomats in Brussels said that in their opinion, a little war in Georgia, maybe. Alarmed neighbors of, in including and in Belarus, their independence. Some European governments, but are skeptical about the idea that such horrors can ekspleatavatstsa diplomats, and that such measures will have an impact on the Belarusian administration. This conviction and found expression in a time constraint lifting of sanctions only for 6 months.
Meanwhile The United States has not yet indicated that they plan to join the European uvertury and remove a similar ban on travel Belarusian favorites. Yet in This year The U.S. welcomed the release of political prisoners and sent a high-ranking State Department bureaucrat David Merkel to Minsk.
Belarus, the former Russian republic with a population of 10 million, had strained the case with Europe after, in 1994 there came to power and formed Lukashenko dictatorship in Russian style. The country had a tendency to run of, with which it has cultural and linguistic ties.
But there were also differences between them … During the war in Georgia, Belarus has shown restraint and later did not follow Russia in recognizing the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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