Nicholas Syarheenka going to tribunal ready to clink

Referee Lenin District Court Julia Shumskaya considered proven guilty activist — he insulted policemen Tipo neprelichnoy abuse. To do this, the judge had the testimony of policemen and Herman Lapshynskaga. Both claimed Nicholas Syarheenka already insulted them in a police car. "There’s no one else was because they they say that anything. No one is this heresy can not deny, "- commented Nicholas word police.
Let me remind you, December 6, police broke into the office of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions. There was a preparation meeting for businessmen October Square, scheduled for December 10. Everyone who was in the office, were taken to determine the persons to the Leninsky district police station. Nicholas Syarheenka showed police their own passport, and took him. In the district department drew up a report, whereby Nicholas "obscene language."

There will always hunt clean water because tap water comes with chlorine …

Nicholas Syarheenka said that justification was not expecting, because he believes that power decided to intimidate all those involved in the rally business to knock a wave of protest. Prior to serving his sentence in jail on Akrestin activist perfectly prepared: take warm clothing, hygiene items and even drinking water.
"There’s always hunt clean water because tap water comes with bleach. I’m not the first time there will, so I know what to take. "
In 2006 Nicholas Syarheenka serving arrest for his role in a demonstration in defense of Alexander Kozulin.
December 6, together with Nikolai Syarheenka in the union office was arrested one of the favorites businessmen Alexander Macau. On Makaeva also drew up a protocol for the Tipo "foul language." The analysis of this case will keep the same referee Julia Shumskaya.
"I do not exclude that it will happen in the second half of a day or on December 17," — said the lawyer Alexander Galiyev.
Since December 10, Alexander Makaeu already serving seven days in jail for his role in the rally business. Freedom businessman should go about 16 hours.

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