Night siege December 17

On the website of the "Charter 97" Now there was an article "Belarusians robbed last — benefits." I recall that on December 17 started to operate the law "On regulation of benefits" — it will affect almost a third of the population of Belarus. Different types of benefits will lose about 3 million people. The article is a few spontaneous protests against repeal of benefits that recently took place in the towns of Belarus. Readers ‘Charter’ comment:
"Nothing last! Rounders much more!"
"Well, gentlemen, we have a" socially oriented "government. Neuzh something you do not realize that the abolition of benefits is only useful to us … Poor beteshniki — they are, for sure, sick people talk about how it, people will be fine live without benefits. "
"Probably not recently taken away if there is no spontaneous rebellion. Authority does not make mistakes, hoping inertnasts and fearfulness of the majority. Why risk it when you can ride" hare "and disrupt his anger on the controller, accusing him of the abolition of privileges, unsettled life and malehankih pension? Who and when frightened Belarusians that they are up to This time even afraid to utter a word about something his superiors? Unending life with fig in the pocket leads to nevrozav and other diseases. No wonder of Cardiology in Belarus endless failure and pharmacies — invalid on the disabled. "
In the community "Living magazine" minsk_by someone Flower_of_day divided revelation: "Friends, I do not know about you, but I was very touched the problem of cancellation of privileges in the public transport. So all the same whenthink that-then for students, schoolchildren and the elderly, or not? "The reaction of the community:
"You just now arrived on our planetoid?"
"Of course, invent: the gas chambers."
"Certainly invent. Prices would lift, for example. Quotas for creating alcohol increment — that saw more cattle, and the least thought."
"Absolutely agree with the words of Alexander Lukashenko:" The task of the country — not to provide handouts in the form of benefits, and to make the conditions for the citizen had the opportunity to secure for themselves a decent living … Various kinds of consumer sentiment must be terminated. "Now remains to achieve the Government to" creating conditions … "And that decent standard of living were considered not only" charka and Škvarka. "
The forums discuss the development of the primary organization in the BSU public associations "Snow White Rus". More than 70 employees, teachers and students of the Institute have joined this organization. Participants’ reactions forums:
"Glory to the CPSU."
"Well, to be CPSU them far, but some semblance of Adult BRYU fully succeed."
"Shameful and hurt for what they have turned the once best universities of Belarus."
"BSU dropped below 5 years of skirting. I think that for the newest game zavablivannya there are great facilities. This further split teachers. But those who stood on the square and resistance at rallies, not creepy. Simply hurt. Dreaming lecture for Singles, and if you are sitting in front of the slaves, the task of the teacher — to inspire students to act. Destroy inside a slave and become a free man. At least in the walls of the audience. Slaves — not us. We — not slaves. "
Readers Web Site "Nasha Niva"Directed attention the other news: Grodno ideologues forbade advertising Belarusian trolleybuses gardens. View:
"Dont give only: If you can not in the trolley, it can be in schools, offices, entrances, in the latter case on the walls, if they zahochut."
"Certainly, in this garden incorrect raise kids."
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