Night Siege — December 21

In the community "Living magazine" Igor Beluga writes:
"I decided to read ‘Quest for winter 2007 — 2008. Part I" on the website of Andrew Suzdaltseva. Beluga explains: "He has always beena good analyst, angry, of course, hurt, hysterical, but still sensible, if not focus on these quirks. Well, the discussion looked slightly. In time the discussion is not reached, which I regret, of course. As usual, in the comments raging local clown Alexander Ivanov. Russian, who lives in Belarus. Quote:
"The Russian Federation has yet to be a blow to Belarus reputation as a reliable energy delivery to remember, all these" gas "and" oil "of the war — all this" gratitude "to the people of Belarus for durable datatsyi! .. Snobs, selfish and brutal nationalists — that’s who! .. Our birthplace finally realized (or soon to realize) that she has no allies not counting those Russian people who have nationals of PP. And if the Belarusian nationalists, rejecting the Russians from all control of their own states, trying to the same RF bitch — you just need to not take into account the interests of Belarusian nationalists. Make Belarusian nationalism no longer economically viable! .. And the Russians in Belarus — to regain their legitimate right to a role in the management of their own country, Our country — Belarus! .. "
That’s such a hysterical intensity. Curiously, Sasha is responsible for his words? It does not violate the Belarusian legislation? .. Because the country goes, is not ours and we are at a party … "
The forums portal TUT.byobsuzhdayut news in Belarus only center for children with disabilities wish to close. It is reported, "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus". For 10 years the center has received no official status. Representations of the forum participants:
"Where is rolling this country, neuzh the Government absolutely can not even take care of their own little people. Neither change does not improve life those people, which, although in something deprived in this life. "
"So is there anything else we human, can I leave these people no help, no attention? What kind of government we have, for what are our elected representatives in the parliament? Or their attention is focused only on the business and the withdrawal of benefits? "
"And I, trusting, thought, people are distinguished from animals that survive not only naisilneyshy. And it turns out that everything is easier: to live like animals — and the concern: no problem. And the clinic is closed, and what are they? And home for the elderly, for the helpless — immediately to the light. Well this is how much money in the budget to continue! "
The forums web site "Our Children" Mann Kurt decided to discuss the topic of corporal punishment of children. He was intrigued by the information agency "Reuters" that the law forbade Spaniards to peel their own children. Mann Kurt commented:
"I’m not so long ago for the first time in my life evaporates own Martin (8 years) belt since pulled directly. Squeal much, but now realizes that timing — not a metaphor. I agree that parents need to lure sadists accountable. But absolutely no physical punishment was indispensable. I can apply them once a month. And even less often "
A blogger Klezmerpredlagaet readers own weblog surreal photo, made the evening at the station "Yakub Kolas" in Minsk. The photo shows a poster "Belarus for identity" — there plotting granny in the state suit. Through this poster advertising prasvechvaetstsa cell phones.
"No photoshop — convinces Klezmer. — Apparently, the Belarusian mobile operators eventually undertook intensive providing communications village."
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