Night siege January 22

Blogger zmagarka located in his diary list punished for his role in the rally and march held on January 21 in Minsk. This list is constantly updated. It’s thirty pamedalenne patrapitsa more readable based portal applications
Living in a society magazine by_politics user head_of_babulka writes about yesterday’s protest: "Overall, the meeting was held is usually successful: none of the goals have been achieved, a myriad of people for anything planted dictatorship once again was actually broken."
fox_unexisted commented: "The difference between the fact that the" astronauts "now also shouting slogans. The next time they must come with their flags!"
sai17: "Curious! Record all those who are afraid to raise his head, in the category of cattle — is, of course, very much. Apart from cattle, many of those who have something to lose, though I do not like it, what’s happening . "
v_klimovich: «I will come with Gomlya, bring along friends. But it will happen when I will believe even one of the favorites and support him and myself, if he, the favorite, will be ready to work action plan, verified tactically and strategically. If our actions fail to lead to real results. And while all this — beating his head against the concrete wall, with a view to penetrate it mystical. "
Guests forums portal open a discussion message Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of Belarus that the price index for food products in December 2007 compared to December 2006 increased by 15.9%.
Bormental 888: "I has always beencurious about where these people Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of where they live and receive skhitrayutstsa at such prices? No, though we live in a parallel universe. "
Earthling: "In the end, very much like to see the real numbers, and then some understated. This inflation of about 20%, and perhaps above, only food."
Dmitry Dolbik: "What a great price … Where to find such in Minsk?"
lara: "Enough to put here a scan check at least some shops, and all their funny 14% rise in prices reincarnated very little in 24, and even higher. Prices for some products have increased almost twice. When will it sell, if so people will think about real life, not that which they show on TV. "
Website news Vitebsk People now reports: "Last terrain of Vitebsk private enterprise for loading fuel into vehicles voluntarily lost its license. Unable to withstand the stupid belief based market economy purchase fuel at a fixed price from the seller monopoly and sell it again to the same strict set the price of "Dorservice" which was on the busiest place near the village of staging around Brest-Moscow highway, announced delivery of its infrastructure for rent for those who want to get rich on the Navara 20 thousand rubles per ton of gasoline sold. "
Andrew on the website trying to find him Minsktrans incomprehensible: "Who are all the same has the right to travel for free? And it is interesting to go out, the old lady of the grandparents get a full ticket and rosy-cheeked man, not disabled, showing a plastic identity, moving quietly, little man with beer containers — little red booklet and the same. What’s going on? Benefits or canceled only for pensioners and students, both for the more affluent sections of society? "
The web site comments, thoughts and suggestions someone she Artemyev lament resort Lenin: "Over a lifetime, it was the worst my stay! .. Food on the table is already cool, pilaf is large clumps! Soup — it incomprehensible slurry of rice unclear what … No fruit or salads not … On New Year’s feast, which paid for the Russian ruble in 1200, there was even champagne. 9 days of so-called Healing half fell, because all, gentlemen, stay! The rooms itself was cold, sleeping in fur coats! Needless already read about, that is trivial to take a shower. "
Victorgr blogger in his diary citing Wikipedia article "Crime in the United States» is a table which indicates the number of murders per year per 100,000 population in different countries: Our homeland — 22, Belarus — 10, U.S. — 5.5, Czech Republic — 2 Canada — 1.9, England — 1.4 Canada — 1. Tags: siege, review the Web

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