Night siege January 28

The forums portal TUT.byobsuzhdayut article "Datebook" "Oilers had to taste the bullpen" naikrupneyshim Belarusian oil traders "Yunivest-M" is already in the budget Minsk 35 million dollars for the right to move from the street Kalvaryjskaya jail. Comments forum participants:
"Due to the oil revenues will create new prisons!’s What matters! Presidential Administration in this project will go on" Cheers "!"
"It is interesting all the same goes … this area will build up elite housing, and people are presently live there (lived) in the "stalinki" (more elite) and evicted in Loshitsa Sukharevo. Thus they do not report information about the future district, say, all classified … so now will happen with people who live by Karl Marx. So to speak, mechanism worked out. "
"And it will be around one luxury home … Muscovites are niggardly, but not Belarusianswhere it will be live apart from small towns and villages. If-n-zhosts! "
"On the other hand, remember which way 80% of the days in the year winds in Minsk. And a look at the map. District, despite its alleged elitnasts will often abdmuvatstsa inimitable smells radiator factory."
Living in a society magazine minsk_by discussions are also urban difficulties. all_lex writes: "Yesterday in the" Panorama "TV crew practically came out in defense of the hotel" Belarus ". said that the issue of the demolition of the hotel is solved with the utmost secrecy, expressed hesitation about what will fit in the new hotel landscape. pity that afraid to say who on this score. Indeed, what value should be rolled back, so it was decision to demolish for a new property? "Comments of the community members:
"And I remember how it was built … With the demolition must be done superskae show. According to another all his mud move to a new hotel."
"Laugh. Certainly, the landscape without losing the unique charm of the hotel" Belarus ". Such rates these dishonest destroyers and the Palace of the Republic will get."
"I think the value of the rollback be large. If the value of the rollback is small, then the decision to demolish the hotel will not be accepted. When the decision to demolish the hotel has been taken, the amount of rollback turned large … "
A website online newspaper "Belarusian announcements" re a discussion around essay BTRC chairman Alexander Zimouski "Resonance. On pseudoscience, or do not get a dog that lies dormant." As a provocation sovereign Zimouski allows for several expressions, which, in his opinion, contrary to the accepted stereotypes: Vasil Bykov was a supporter of the death penalty; cruiser "Varyag" did not make a 1st shot and was flooded capabilities; creator of "Moment of Truth "writer Vladimir Bogomolov never fought.
Reaction of readers
"I’m surprised your talent, sp.Zimovski, nadenneyshyya propose topics for discussion. And let’s talk about the dilemma of extinction hamsters criteria of global warming."
"… Our Government is suffering through these" historians "," political officers "who do not know in what town he lived and created Scorina Bykov and read poetry …"
"Comrade Zimouski! Share a secret that you will do after the collapse of the regime of Lukashenka? Uskachete in sunny Venezuela or Iran, sincere, and can meet the age measured in North Korea? .. "Tags: siege, web

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