Night siege January 29

Guests Forum Portal discussions are news that the Ministry of Justice of Belarus prepares bill to the Polish side about the loss, as a result of the strike of Polish customs.
Al-07 says: "He does not fans usvoyut Lenin and Stalin and Hitler, as the presence of the security services, heavily armed riot police can be given to people to make their constitutional right to strike … What kind of negotiations that help compromises their batons over the hump , kastsetam teeth, kicked in the tummy, head on the asphalt … "
mmixer1: "Oh, about carriers loaf. 5 years they were hounded and chased out of the country, and here suddenly so much trouble."
DeadMoroz: "Justice has forgotten that the European Tribunal — not Belarusian. Matter of echoing Presidential Administration not win. "
Nail_: "dozhdutsya Belarus will go around as a dark spot on the map of Europe. "
Zmagarka blogger in his diary reports, "the first part of the movie! Belarusian postwar anti-Soviet resistance 1944-1957. Every day we will teach on" youtube "pieces next movie. Please pass on the information to all their friends and acquaintances! Share real Belarusian history other Thank you to everyone who waited and waited! ps One hundred percent of the movie appears on page a week! "
User [8_bit_world] Living in a society magazine minsk_by endeared now follow opus: "In the Minsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise« Fauna town "began renovations that brought large and prepyadstviya. Cages cut in lattice welding is not enough beds. Usyplyayutstsa healthy, young animals . We need your help: needed "vsynavlyalniki" rescue. Sea puppies! Help save the lives of at least someone! "

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