Night work is dangerous for the health of the ladies

According to research, the ladies working the night shift, the risk of breast cancer increases twice. How are the results of these research Belarusian medical professionals?
Ministry of Health Dr. Brain mammalogy Leonid Putyrskaya study results have amazed:
"I have not studied as the second and third shifts affect the disease of breast cancer, but nerves and hormones — this is the main thing that has an impact on these diseases. Other words, affects the nervous system and hormonal status. Naturally , that lady drinks, eats, what she breathes, is also influenced by, but not before. And the second and third shifts bad influence on the two main premises. course, a person-to-date programmed rhythm. If NIGHT MODE he sleep, hormones spetsefichesky somewhere way down here and there are increasing. And if instead of sleeping, a person works, he has violated these rhythms. "
For Nicholas Konakh, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, information on communication disorders with night operation also was not news:
"I can say from experience in the Minsk metro. There waitstaff — ladies. At the moment, there was previously a regular doctor, just a quarter did report on diseases. So, he reports, the percentage incidence of the ladies was much higher than boys. And this was due specifically to the fact that the ladies NIGHT MODE and work underground was contraindicated. "
July 20 adopted the law "On introduction of changes and additions to the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus." It will enter into force 6 months after publication. Under article 70 of this law is to change overnight, if more than 50% of the time falls on the night.
In addition, Article 117 of the Labor Code supplemented norm that disabled and ladies with babies under the age of 3 years, can work at night, provided their written consent, and, if it is not prohibited honey indicators. Previously, these categories of people are not allowed to work NIGHT MODE.
So Makarov, chief says the head of the legal control of the Federation Council of Trade Unions of Belarus Valery Bulgakov, Code expanded choice:
"On the one hand, we see that it is harmful to the ladies. But when she decided so, if she is interested when her enthusiasm and passion of the employer match, the law allows."
Night work paid better than daytime. Under the law, for each hour of night work to a surcharge of more than 20% of the hourly wage rate of the employee. Specifically, it pushes for unhealthy work of young mothers. A health economize those who can afford it for themselves.
Marina knuckle now works in the marketing agency designer. The specificity of such that at times there is a need of NIGHT MODE. But she never agreed to this:
"When I was a student, after the third year I went on vacation in the United States to earn money.’s Where I often worked the night shift at the bar. It is very hard. But then I was a student, young, than presently, Well, there I went to work — and the payment for night work was very presentable. But here, in this country, I do not agree on this — because their own health more … "

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