No owner — and therefore live in poverty …

Mass protest businessmen, many of them in a new year faced the danger of loss of work — one of the main topics in our post last days. The main requirement of the protesters — cancel that part of the presidential decree, according to which from January 1, individual entrepreneurs are allowed to hire only relatives.
Current conversation will start with letters on this topic, who sent Igor Balashyhin from Minsk. He writes:
"Not waiting for that small entrepreneurs otvazhutsya on such protest. Usually they try to scare the power hazards strike, which has long been no directed attention. But in the end, I think, nothing in them will not work. 100 thousand people on the street all the same not come out. Power to intimidate organizers and people will not support these protests because small bourgeoisie does not like.
Maybe it’s great that we will be less Zapyataev these markets with low-quality Chinese products, and more big malls, supermarkets. Must also once run across a civilized bargaining. All Eastern Europe have long since made "-
— So says Igor Balashyhin from Minsk.
One thing is when the big malls jostle small market trader eventually fair competition, and quite another when it mattersetsya using administrative violence, officials hands. Suffer as a result of not only small traders, and consumers. Feeling a lack of competition, few supermarkets owners can simply raise the price of products, first — to food. This, by the way, in some cases, all kinds already happening.
Our student of Nikolai Shilo Kobrin — old man. He remembers the West Village without collective and without Communists. Watching today’s village life, sire Shiloh comes to these conclusions (quoting a letter):
"Observe how narrow the field becomes less arable land. Where once there were villages where people planted corn, planted potatoes, grazed cattle — currently grows forest, shrub, or even turned into a field of sand dunes. Tipo in stores stocks become more, but what are the prices? grew 5 times or more. and dropping them once since the establishment does not grow.
Belarus — an agricultural country. And it can be comfortably only in this case, if the government will distribute the land in private hands.
But Lukashenko’s Stalinist ruins village clings to the collective farms. Rural people are laborers. And even these "presidential" houses do not decide anything. Farmstead — 10 acres, small barn for firewood and for chickens — unless this economy? A man of 40 years falls into bondage — anywhere from this farm will not escape. But if the farmer was given 10 acres of land in one piece — it would have been different. He would have built a house for himself — such as it should. Both facilities have found no 40-year-old bondage. What is spent on the farm, rots, chilly and dry — it smelled and would be flourished. It is in the village, everyone knows. No owner — and therefore live in poverty "-
— Wrote in his own letter to freedom of Nikolai Shilo Kobrin.
All so, sire Shiloh. Yes only if every village now there is at least one middle-aged owner who dares to take the 10 acres of land? Abyazlyudela village, aged, lost labor. It is no longer enough just to offer the land — should be given the ability of farmers and soft loans and leasing facilities, and assistance in building. If all the money that the government in decades sent and continues to send unprofitable collective farms received private owners, peasants — Belarusian village at the moment would have been different.
Created subsequent letters — our friend Ilya davneshny Kopil from Minsk. He speaks about the numerous correspondence discussions that lead to the waves in our own writings and call today’s fans and opponents of the Belarusian authorities. A listener writes:
"All of us — and so called" lukashisty "and" antylukashysty "- citizens of one country, whose name — Belarus. Listeners That part of Freedom, which supports the authority entitled to it. Prohibit If it then did what government opponents will differ from its apologists? RFE comes very appropriate, if gives you the opportunity to speak, and one and another.
Did not call for unanimity: this we have already experienced. But when at stake is our main achievement — the country’s independence — we must discard all the contradictions, misunderstandings, hatred — and merged to defend this independence. A threat exists. Lukashenko has repeatedly stated: while he is president, Belarus remains to be independent. And what will happen when he learns that power should be given? This will just when we will have udesyatsyaryts his care "-
— Wrote in a letter to freedom of past military Ilya Kopil from Minsk.
Very nice, sire Kopil that you felt one of the basic principles of Radio Liberty and expressed his support. In the midst of our audience as a whole in society — people of different political views and beliefs. If not treated with respect for the rights of every person, when instead of a civilized debate and reasoned voice reproach and abuse — to find a common language, trust and mutual intrigued hardly can be.
Our listener Janka Kalyada village of Lepavshchyna Vileika district tries to answer the question why the opposition shares shortly going not too many people. In his letter to freedom, he writes:
"The reason is not in the personalities of the organizers, and in those circumstances, which lives our disconnected society. A significant part of active people lured authority admitted to "trough" — live in welfare criteria. These people on opposition marches will not go.
Other guided by the principle of "none of my business …" They clogged judicial killings, violence riot contract system, removing from the university. And although they often suffer from poverty, but still can get a piece of bread and a bottle of milk — do not come to the area.
Out on the street more conscious, and there are not many. "
Next to his own letter from the village Janka Kalyada Lepavshchyna Vileika area refers to the democratically-minded elite Belarusian society followed by the words:
"Do not expect that this part of society otvoyuet freedom. You — the potential of civilization, and you are responsible for the fate of the Fatherland! Unite, do the Rescue Committee of Belarus. Make deep and full analysis of the implications, what is happening in Belarus — from the defeat of the Belarusian to collapse economy. And on the basis of this country recognize incompetent management and make the interim government, "-
— Council gives such opposition in his own letter to the freedom of the village Janka Kalyada Lepavshchyna Vileika district.
Different kinds of political, economic and other analyzes produced and done a lot, sire Kolyada. And the conclusions in the address authorities voiced by opposition from time to time the most categorical and constructive. The question is whether these findings support these calls and most of society?
Naturally, you can name a lot of circumstances, why people do not want or have a fear of going out on opposition protests. Some of these circumstances you, sire Kolyada, dubbed in his own letter. But dispassionate analysis of the situation and do not have to ignore the fact that the economy of Belarus at the moment — on the stage of growth that wages grow in the country (maybe not on such a scale, according to the official statistics, but still …). And in criteria such opposition is unlikely to expect a significant expansion and mass protests.
At the end — a few small letters from friends of Liberty.
We wrote Nikolai Kanahovich of Pruzany:
"I — people are inclined your age, I was 70 years old. But I dream to wait for that happy time when go into historical oblivion bigots from our land and over our country again hoisted a white-red-white flag."
And another letter, which created — Vasily Zawadzki of Maladzie
chna — writes:
"Listen to the Liberty times a day from six o’clock in the morning. They elevate mood and prolong life. Soul already jumping for joy. Forget all the troubles, it seems that we still live in a free country, where the sounds of their native language, no one is beaten with truncheons during all municipal institutions they say in Belarusian. But it — like a mirage. departure from the host — and in our apynaessya grayish reality "-
— Wrote in his own letter of Basil Zawadzki Maladziechna.
Thank you, sire Zawadzki, for you and everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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