None of the ordinary people do not believe in our independence

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No constitutional act! No "Union countries" not must!

Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Belarus — one of the main topics of discussion in the audience of Liberty.
Man: "I wish to express outrage arrival in Minsk Putin. No constitutional act! No "Union countries" should not be! "
Man: "I pray and ask the Lord God to wait as fall and collapse of the dictatorial regime and free, free and democratic Belarus flutter white-red-white flag and coat of arms" race. "

Nicholas: "Grosh cost statements of the Belarusian authorities that the government despises the independence of Belarus when beaten to pavsmertsi demonstrators for the country’s independence. Beating Dmitri Fedoruk lay nasty stain on the credibility of the whole of the Belarusian authorities."
Larissa, Minsk: "Already one of the ordinary people do not believe in our independence, because on October Square were only 100 people in the town of the million, and those beaten."
Man: "Putin flew to Minsk as it burns desire trampled Belarusian free society, also waving batons for a couple of scum-commandos on the heads of the Belarusians. Indeed it Our homeland occupies second place in the number of refugees in the European Union."
Man: "So it is — a gentleman Putin arrives purchased from Pan Lukashenko 9.5 million slaves?"
Answers to the question political analyst Volodymyr Rovdo:
"To bolshennomu chagrin, I share this worldview. This president is very depending on the support of. And to addition time, so far will remain, there will be a threat to the sovereignty and independence of Belarus. "

Which states freer: Belarus or our U.S. America?

Program from continuing issue of freedom in Belarus from listener who does not call his own behalf:
Spades: "Pochetaemye Radio Liberty, very loudly ask you to answer me on such a question. Which states freer: Belarus or our United States? Here’s the thing. When I met with the young Yankees, he has twice failed to come without any problems to visit me. To me South American embassy twice refused. And, it seems, will continue to deny, for no circumstances. "
Meets human rights activist and lawyer Valentin Stefanovich:
"So Americans do not emigrate en masse in Belarus, because this youth and has the ability to to come here. But if he was involved in some kind of public or political affairs, then I think it would be in the list of banned, as well as many citizens other states. If Belarus was free state, we would have entered the European Union in general and us visa could not be needed. "
Subsequent expression — expression to comment other students in the program "calls freedom":
Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "I can already hear another listener, which is very hunt take someone here on the peninsula, from Belarus. Dear ones, you return the first of those for whom Stalin Slav taken together. You tarred with the same brush. This one. 2nd.’s On Slavs separate fools and scoundrels — it would be a big step forward for the Ukrainians, and Russian, and Belarusians. "

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