Now — the action in Kurapaty

Now 16-hours in Kurapaty gather members of the public to commemorate the victims of Stalinist repression. Action will be in the format of last year, the Year of the memory.
Recall, for 2007 on the initiative of a public committee to honor the victims of Stalinist repression, the 29th of each month, members of the public gathered in places of mass executions repressed. Memory section Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture has decided to continue this tradition. Vice-chairman memorial section Vladimir Romanovsky explained:

1938 for the victims of more heavy …

"If we take the 1937 — 1938 years, then in 1938 for the victims even more difficult. Specifically period in November 1938, according to historians. Our action — a continuation of the tradition of celebrating the 29th as the date that symbolizes October 29 as a day of memory victims of Stalinist repression. Come, light the candles, we’ll stand a moment of silence, mature mourning songs. "
Memory section created at the end of last year. Its chairman Siuchyk Pronunciation:
"The problem of repression of totalitarian regimes is very topical for today’s Belarus. Then we should read and Communist, and Nazi persecution and repression, which was carried out on our land other modes. Naturally, in order to cancel was the future in a democratic Belarus it is necessary that such actions occurred on our soil.
These shares will be scheduled normally. Moreover, already adopted an action plan section "Memorial" on 2008, there are about 80 stocks, mostly associated with white resistance XX century. "
According to Vyacheslav Siuchyk planned to open the monument to the founders of the Belarusian People’s Republic of, visit the March 22 memorial "Khatyn" and hold a protest in memory Kalinouski. Siuchyk said that the organizers are counting on the support of the people:
"In the situation that has developed in Belarus, rely on government support would simply stupidity. But we know that, regardless of the current regime, and now in Belarus enough conscientious people and first to support them, we expect. It’s completely legal activity. "

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