Now the last day of the strike businessmen

According favorite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev, the country about 50% of businesses supported the strike. Many were in favor, so in February to continue the strike en masse under the guise of holidays. The main requirement of participants protests — 1.1 cancel Fri decree number 760, which from 1 January allows hiring only relatives.
"It turned out to unite all business structures — says Viktor Gorbachev. — All together, all consolidated. These actions gave birth to hundreds, thousands of new activists, new favorites malehankih in villages and towns. Opened people’s eyes to the authorities’ attitude towards business. Do not need at the moment neither Gorbachev nor Shumchanka nor Makaeu … Their have their Gorbachev — Gorbachev thousand, thousand shumchanak. "

Do not need at the moment neither Gorbachev nor Shumchanka nor Makaeu … We have thousands of them Gorbachev thousand shumchanak

In the web disseminates information that on January 21 at 12 hours October Square Minsk will follow Protest businessmen.
"I think people decided January 10. And he did not cancel the decision — says Viktor Gorbachev. — Those people who were there, took the decision himself. All of them voted for 21th. Accordingly, it is necessary to ask people to look and expect January 21. But landing favorites under any circumstances will not suspend ordinary businessmen, so they canceled their decision. People said the words, the people holding him. "
Entrepreneurs show solidarity. For example, they collected the necessary amount of money to pay a fine of 20 basic units, which is imposed on the Tribunal Victor Gorbachev Tipo for disorderly conduct. Also distributed leaflets in the markets in support of the prisoner’s favorite union "Perspective" Anatolia Shumchanka and other activists.
Relative shares on January 21, Deputy favorite "Perspectives" Olga Krumina said:
"In all markets already vserasprostraneny flyers. And everyone wants to come out and support. Whereas previously they achieved just 1.1 Fri only cancel the decree number 760, at the moment they demand freedom and Shumchanka. And the fact that it takes place — it definitely. And no issues here can not be. "
Chairman of the Board of the market "CUM" in Brest Lena Kustus said that entrepreneurs are configured to support the action on January 21:
"We have stopped their activities. Not all entrepreneurs, though. We are fully in solidarity with the arrested and those people, who were at the meeting on 10 January. , We hope that will be heard. "

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