Number opposition exceeded 3 million

Congratulations Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from listeners Liberty:
Lady: "I congratulate you on Christmas and New Year coming. I wish you happiness, health and longevity of your hard work. "
Continue to call this program from:
Lady: "Please let us know via the radio, where you can buy new discs Danchika."
December 19 in Minsk was presented to all studio albums Danchika. They reissued on CD. Previously, these albums existed only on vinyl.
Listener responds to question the project manager, producer Belarusian Vitaly Supranovich musical nominations:
Supranovich: "In Minsk disks can be found on the BPF and in the office of the BLS. Can also be purchased at concerts organized by the Belarusian music candidacy. Among regions can be ordered through the website You can also apply directly to us. You can call me to number 6490888. "
Students continue to comment on the statement of Liberty KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin that the opposition is not at risk of national security. "At so-called"Destructive parts of society" comes just 1767 people, "- said Zhadobin.
Also calls creators express their attitude to the abolition of privileges.
Peter S.: "Gen. Zhadobin tell subsequent:" In its own report, you make a mistake when you said that there was no longer the opposition. After December 17, as the elderly, the disabled, students and Chernobyl deprived of benefits, the amount of opposition exceeded 3 million. All these people will not join the ranks of political parties. This — popular opposition. "
Vladimir Daraguzh "What satisfaction Yesterday I was riding the subway. And not for some discounted tickets, like all young and healthy — acquired for 600 rubles badge. Again onfelt young. It seems a little thrown off by itself for 15 years. And if you read seriously, so we, pensioners, and need. "
Larissa, Minsk: "We are all about sad about benefits … But I’m convinced that 2008 return privileges. Maybe not in the old version. Will impose. "
Man: "How would neither climb Lukashenko, speaking about his own love for ordinary people and care about him, but human values are determined not by words but by deeds. Cancellation of privileges — a gift that got the usual people from their own leader. And you, dear, waiting on ethe man? Own citizens called "lousy fleas" that grunting at the trough, ministers found in the garbage, praised Hitler’s regime, promised that their own people in the civilized world will not lead. And not led. "Glorified" the country to such an extent that we have turned away from whole world . "

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