Objectives of the world population will be discussed in Davos

The forum uchavstvujut political leaders, prominent economists, businessmen, men of science and art. They will discuss global prepyadstviya and try to predict the development of the world economy this year. Meanwhile recent actions in the markets give rise to dark prediction — the world waiting for an economic downturn.
Once a year for a five-day feeryyu in the Swiss Alps come about 2,500 people, which are on top of their own professions. Today’s forum is disclosed keynote municipal U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The list of participants resembles encyclopedia "Who is Who". Here the prophet Al Gore Climate configuration and hunger fighter rock star Bono, and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the head of the company "Microsoft" Bill Gates. Total 28 gathered in Davos Heads of State and governments. And the co-chairs for today’s forum will be Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger.
Champagne chilled helicopters expect skiers to raise them on the slopes. But the organizers of the forum refute the view that the forum is just prazdnichkom rich and authoritative. Their ideology is that it is one of the few cases where the thinkers and actors gather together to find the current global prepyadstviya and find the best solutions.
The representative of the Forum Mark Adams also stressed that the forum really helps real people in the real world:
"We have provided computers and training programm 50 thousand students in Jordan, the most we have done for 2-a-half million babies in Egypt, we brought electricity to many African villages, also elektryfikavali 70 thousand houses in Lesotho, the project AIDS China is also ours. This significantly changed the lives of ordinary people. "
Mark Adams stresses that Davos is only the yearly meeting of an organization that continues to work for a year, implementing a range of initiatives in health, education, provision of information technologies poor people.
Among the most fundamental topics that discusses the in Davos This year — water as carefully and effectively use this valuable resource. And, of course, the fall in the international markets assigns extraordinary sharpness dyskutavanym economic and monetary dilemmas.

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