On display such as Chavez, you can earn money for some time

Tsigankov"The visit to Venezuela is the official propaganda as a triumph and a great breakthrough in foreign policy and economics. Maybe this event really does not deserve the drama and skepticism. But this is very very" breakthrough "is associated with certain names today Governing 2-states as these ties with Venezuela will be long? "
"As for this Salva, tropical undergrowth will scour our" BelAZ "
Klaskouski"On the one hand, of course, read about a breakthrough early. On the other, there is so usual, that if the official propaganda offer something to the skies, the opposition politicians should certainly put on this cross zbestsits all. I do not agree with this approach, because indeed, and Minsk and Caracas aspire to give some frantic dynamics that bilateral relations. There are some real thing, even if it only menzurka oil, which held it in the hands of Alexander Lukashenko, but behind this particular joint venture, and some wonderful plans.

Another thing is that these cooperation schemes in the sense of transparency raise certain questions. Oil languid there, of course, that other world companies are not very interested in — maybe it came out on an "on for you, O God, that we are not perfect." Because this is not an easy circuit — "to sell a huge convenience, and for these funds bought a sea of oil in Russia" — also raise questions. As well as the Napoleonic expansion plans of our refrigerators, television sets across the ocean. So the world is not done — usually built production there on the spot. In general, do not know how on this Salva, tropical undergrowth will scour our "BelAZ". Because if you add up, today is the big question, what is more — political PR or economic benefits — in this relationship. "

"To display such as Chavez can earn money for a while"

Silitski"There’s a certain enthusiasm on both sides, and he obviously is not confined only to economic factors. Chavez, in principle, not only charismatic, and very ideological person. His idea is ahead of the rest. So he had the idea to get rid of unipolar world, to move from Western to Chinese and Belarusian technologies. Belarus is also in search of any candidacy Russian energy, although there is debate about the swing and datavku Venezuelan oil is not.
And two people have found each other. On display such as Chavez, you can earn money for a while until they are sitting there. From what such a pragmatic approach that the Belarusian authorities did right and do. While it is possible — it is worth to drive these tractors, televisions, refrigerators. Why not? "
Tsigankov"In other words, due to ideological politician, Belarus certain time" milked "Russia, was a scheme" of oil in exchange for kisses. "And now this scheme will work with Venezuela?"
Silitski"If there is an opportunity to enjoy something, why not? But what the Belarusian-Venezuelan trade never even close to approach the volume of our trade with Russia or the European Union, it is of course."
Tsigankov"Indeed, even in the past year, turnover amounted to $ 6 million, however, at the end of this year, he began to grow frisky pace. How can respond to our homeland" here "Minsk — Caracas? Russian press, I tracked, reacted rather nervously or ironically. Is there a reason to be unhappy with the Russian Federation Belarus searching other supplies? "
"No nervous reaction from Moscow should not expect"

Klaskouski"This indicates a nervous laughter at first that imperial complex work. In this sense, I believe that even a PR drift away from the Russian Federation makes a certain effect. This is in a sense increases the position of the official Minsk in the negotiations with the Kremlin. Now the other day of Putin’s visit, Russian media write that "we have not given a loan, Chavez scared", etc..
In any case, it makes some intrigue. And the fact that not so long ago sounded from the lips Lukashenko that we currently build strategy maneuvering between Russia and the West — that’s progress. Occur even torturing, but the mental shifts relative geopolitical orientation of the official Minsk. And this is a trend, so speak out. "
Tsigankov"You can see that sealed a friendship with Venezuela does not cause a negative reaction either in Europe or the United States. Certain nyarvovasts heard exclusively in Russia … "
Silitski"We are talking about Russian media first, but agree — just what garbage we did not read there about Belarus in the last 15 years? Because not even comment hunt seriously.
I do not think there would be some nervous reaction from the official Moscow, where well aware that in fact happens and how. No harsh candidacy Belarusian-Russian relations with Chavez case do not carry. Chavez, by the way, is also a good friend of the sovereign Putin.
So no nervous reaction from Moscow should not expect, because of course, that things with Chavez — a change of geographical vector and not geopolitical. Our homeland itself more poured into this "nezahodni" flow, at least on the verbal level. Because I do not think that to Minsk-Caracas axis in Moscow will be taken seriously "

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