On municipal aid large family can not live

In 30 countries Mothers day note the middle of May. In the former Russian republics traditionally congratulate mothers in most cases, on March 8. Why Belarus moms day timed to Cope? Etnakulturolyag Antonina Hotenko expressed such a world:
"We usually do not own very aware and remember, and confess. And if prazdnichek invented and tied … Well, Veil, of course, know. But it is so ambiguous on semantics. C one side, is completely pagan custom — land cover zakryvanne for winter sleep, to perish. On the other hand, there is already linked purely Christian tradition, over the highest, more soulful … Maybe there is some sense in this, there is a clue to make a tradition, but it is once again becoming bureaucratic. On the top was lowered: let we assume it prazdnichkom mom … "
Currently live in Belarus and a half million families raising one million 900 thousand children. Single-parent families — 355 thousand. Most of their mother educates kids, but 18 families tyschah kids brings a father. As saidand head of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Tatiana Shemetovets, in the future it is planned to organize a day to the same father.
A year earlier, the government "amused" mothers abolition of privileges for free medicines for kids under 3 years old, as the abolition of preferential travel schoolchildren. But incremented allowance toddlers up to 3 years to 179 thousand and a lump sum at the birth of the baby until 1123 thousand rubles (It is about 500 dollars). For comparison: in Ukraine lump sum baby at birth — 1630 bucks. In Russia, the parent capital at birth second baby — 250 thousand Russian rubles (about 10 thousand dollars).
Ella Matsvienka — Mother of many children, in a small town is raising four children. It states that the municipal assistance exactly unreal live:
"I get 179 thousand allowances baby up to 3 years. On the other kids I do not get anything, though I sit at home and grow all kids need. And before the year we have received more aid least 100 thousand. As a child one year old, it helps completed. all — as if a large family is no longer needed anything. And since I do not live in Minsk, neither so called "Pampersnyya" or free meals are not given …
In fact we have in Belarus simply adore children. If you love them — you do not so hard, and three, and four. In fact, you can control, but it is only their strength plus help loved ones. But no country, under any circumstances, not the country. "

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