One day political prisoner Autukhovich

Winner of radiotaxi Vawkavysk Autukhovich was imprisoned for three and a half years. Formally, for tax evasion in especially large size, but many events left outside of the case and the sentence, and they obviously had an impact on the fate of the prisoner. Although we emphasize once: for many, it seems as before diverse personality. Why? Try to answer this question below.
Avtukhovich accused of corruption by tax service representative

Kyiv, October 2003,

Avtukhovich did in his native district center large enough taxi service, new "Mercedes" with shades bolshennymi lure attention and, apparently satisfied with city dwellers. All the machines, and they were on June 20, and all personally owned taximeter businessman. Drivers, but were registered in the other — an affiliate company "Nika-Trans", but revenue passed Autukhovich. A violation of this "cash discipline", and decided to tax arrested a taxi. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it came after Autukhovich gave evidence against the tax service employee, accusing him of corruption, and has even been prosecuted.
While the first time Avtukhovich interested to own name, starting a hunger strike. He was joined by several of his employees: return taxi, give work! In October 2003, we had read to him about the campaign and the power requirements, the room suddenly went Vladimir Savchenko — Chairman of Executive Committee and asked to throw them alone. On the street was a large SUV that can usually see the front of the executive committee in Grodno. Savchenko Emperor himself came to the ruler for that condition to the starving. Power was obviously not to the liking of mass hunger strike, which was quite extensive clear. Hitherto nothing like this happened not only in the Grodno region, and in the country.
Icon instead of Lukashenko

In court, after a long hunger strike in the detention facility

Taxi later returned, but the fines were a businessman began to struggle through the tribunal prolonged forever. However, he fundamentally emphasized that policy is not engaged. This way, remember one of the favorites businessmen former political prisoners Valery Levonevsky and Alexander Vassiliev, then visited Vaukavysk starving. It was a case to which approach modern proverb: if you’re not interested in politics, she is interested in you itself. Incidentally, quite shocking portrait of President Lukashenko looked in Autukhovich, as if in the office bureaucrat under which businessman lying on the couch during a hunger strike. Much later — after being in remand when Avtukhovich reached the to be released under house arrest instead of a presidential portrait hung orthodox image.
Businessman himself felt that his pulling into politics, despite their own statements about working. He began actively campaigning for election to the House of Representatives, which occurred in conjunction with a referendum about Lukashenka’s third term, has made great efforts to become a deputy. Authorities, for its part, made great efforts to avoid-independent candidate for parliament, a deputy who became a teacher. Huge number-independent observers did not receive accreditation, Avtukhovich wrote complaints, but without result.
Mass strike of taxi drivers
During the election campaign, when he went to speak to the voters at the enterprises, he blocked the bill. In response businessman organized a mass strike: 20 taxi came to Lenin Square, where not so long ago, the authorities noted "Dozhinki 2004". Drivers do not serve passengers and achieved the ability to work normally. The action was attended by about seventy people. After negotiations with the then head of the executive committee Misha Saveliev (at the moment it — Deputy Minister of Agriculture), the bill businessman unblocked.
Inhabitants Vawkavysk perfectly knew all the details of his struggle Autukhovich and drivers are aware of the hunger strike, strikes, negotiations with the authorities and their promises. The town is just coming out personal "local newspaper", which published reports, conversations, a lot of pictures on the theme. So makarom businessman had the rostrum with the publication and circulation exceeded by popularity official newspaper of district authorities. It is worth adding that "local newspaper" is no longer …
Hunger-strike in a quiet provincial Vawkavysk while mass became almost constant. Ringleader of all the protests was specifically Avtukhovich. Nothing like this has been observed in other towns of the region. And at one point, except for the case, which was engaged in economic tribunal against the businessman was prosecuted, Autukhovich, as he thought, lured in Grodno and arrested. Was mid-October 2005. He immediately said that there will be hunger strike.
The hunger strike behind bars

Bavkavyskiya starving

It was reported that the arrested person is not really eat in jail, but the further, the more questions arise: what really neuzh without food a month, then two months? Some of the politicians thought it was almost the hype, others read: use a hunger strike as a means of pressure — it is reasonable, because if Avtukhovich aggressively refused everything and died, which he reached the this? The question was rather rhetorically. Starving was in the chamber, access to it was not, the prison authorities did not give any disk imaging, because it was hard to judge his present condition. According to some reports, Autukhovich could sustain themselves with tea and honey, which he passed with a will. In other words, the hunger strike could be incomplete. But doctors read: rejection of food for such a long time in any case it is very dangerous for health.
Skeptics have received more or less definite answer to their doubts, if hungry 63 minutes a day was transferred from the camera to the Grodno prison hospital in the capital. He renounces honey help and doctors assessed his condition as serious. Autukhovich asked to meet with Orthodox priest from Brest Pope Sergius. Father said after: "I confess it, he was naturally very pleased. Pronunciation will hunger strike to end. Asked on Christmas, January 7 pasaboravats it. He said, sir, I can not live in any moment I could die." In the prisoner’s vision significantly aggravated, he asked so he was given "the Gospel", but bolshennymi printed signs.

During a prison hunger strike businessman lost 38 kg

Own hunger strike reached the businessman impracticable: he was expelled in Vaŭkavysk under house arrest. Friends then read: if Autuhovich brought in a district clinic, a lot of people have seen it — unhealthy, doctors, all with just nodded silently regret. Even police expressed surprise: he has changed! Everyone was shocked, said one of the members Autukhovich and added: people have seen that it really hunger strike, without cheating. By the way, my friends gathered in the midst of about a thousand inhabitants Vawkavysk signatures for the fact that Autukhovich change the measure of restraint. During a prison hunger strike businessman lost 38 kg, began to weigh 68, who had previously 106 kg.

Long-hidden still unreal …

He needed to get out of the hunger strike and heal ahead of expected tribunal. Under the terms of house arrest, Autukhovich limited contacts, forbade to leave the house, call him under surveillance. But again he amazed everyone fled. In an open letter to the Attorney General wrote that he considers his work a political and charges — unfair, he has not believed in the fairness of the trial, and disclaims any duty with respect to stay under house arrest. It was declared wanted in a police announcement wrote that Avtukho
vich armed and that a negative attitude towards the authorities, although guns he had.
He was captured just two months on metropolitan street, he walked into a barber shop. Fugitive was in Minsk and, apparently, not very stuck conspiracy. If it was taken under the protection of Grodno in October Tribunal, we managed to communicate slightly. Avtukhovich hiding in various locations, cured the gums and teeth. Neuzh he pinned his hopes that so long endure? No, he replied: "Long hide still unreal, were harsh forces involved — KGB busies Republican premonition has been, yes." Premonition that tracked.
Aired on October Square in food

With daughter Catherine after a hunger strike. Th December 2005

Pursue faster even for taxes, and for the impact on people Vawkavysk, said Avtukhovich me. Because he believes it want to hide behind bars for the presidential campaign. In Minsk, he watched the election, after — the events that took place on October Square. Neuzh something he had hoped that overcomes Milinkevich and his fate may come a change? Nope he is not on his hopes, said the prisoner. And confessed in secret, that aired on October Square in food. It turns out that he had no illusions about the results of youth resistance in the square, its your fortune — too, but admired his opponent’s example of courage, endurance, than he himself has repeatedly amazed own fans.
Avtukhovich then clarified his position: "They might have to realize in the three years that I did not break that they did not solve all their phony solutions. They think that if they are shy, then all are. No, everything. If I close now, I will start hunger strike. This is not for the money, it is for the truth, for justice. This means here? This is the humiliation it — humiliation. " He also said that even ready to sacrifice his life: "In short, I will go to the last. We do catastrophe will happen, no one will not understand. But I will not have to last. I do not accept the charges. I put his life, differently here does not prove. "
During the trial, he again hunger strike, he put a dropper, the process is interrupted, then the cells around the court with him on duty paramedic prison … More than once I had to ask myself: what is the reason such obstinacy Autukhovich tryvushchastsi, uncompromising, even advazhnastsi? With such questions do not usually turn to those whom they relate specifically to …
Certainly, just like it such, I have no other answer was not found. I think the story of a businessman Autuhovich looks really zapadnobelorusskogo example temper. And the war in Afghanistan, in which he has participated, only strengthened it, there he had come face to face with the true threat.
In the bullpen Autukhovich looking for press, interested in news. It does not work, engaged in self-education, sports, playing table tennis. Violations of it was not. Friends wrote him often — two or three letters every week. Surprise for him in the seizure of the property. He convinced as ever that he was innocent and was not going to forgive authorities.
Autukhovich was born January 7, 1963 Vawkavysk. After high school, graduated from vocational school in an adjacent 37-Berestovitsa became mechanics repair cars. In 1981, he was drafted into the army, served as a driver in the strategic missile forces mission in the Saratov region of Russia. Later graduated from the school of ensigns, was asked to serve in Afghanistan. For the protection of the bridge near Kandahar, and the role of other operations awarded the Red Star, 2 medals — "For Courage" and "For the military awards." Retired from the army in 1991 Vawkavysk senior ensign, became engaged in business. In his native town founded volleyball tournament after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Afghanistan, the next will be held in February 2008.
Lena spouse works for a businessman’s daughter Katya goes to school in the 11th grade.
Autukhovich was signed July 7, 2006 for three years and six months and confiscation of property for tax evasion losses for the budget in particularly large size and for translating business without registration, without a license. His prison term is counted from October 15, 2005, when he was sent to the detention facility. He is in prison in Minsk N1.
Tribunal for the confiscation of property occurred in late 2007. Autukhovich left the house, the prisoner remained in the depot as half of his cab and a separate building. Meanwhile seized 13 taxis and two flat-ended. To sum penalty was appointed more than 350 million rubles.

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