One day political prisoner Gregory chopsticks (photo)

Painter Gregory Kiyko — first political "chemist"

Ckroz bars of the cell number 306 Volodarka betrayed a piece of the sky, gently cut crosses Reddish church. When 46-year-old Gregory walked to the window and beheld the crosses, it became easier to breathe, as if a breath of the freshest air clocked stink stuffy chamber. Majestic divine grace Gregory believed Kiyko return Belarusians state independence. And it was necessary to defend what the satanic power, so called its Gregory threw people in jail.

Th December 2007

As soon as a breath of freedom, ceramic artist Gregory Kiyko with other people culture rushed into the fight. Initially — for historical memory and dignity. On Dzyady 1988 coupled with Zenon Pozniak was the first crusade to Kurapaty method. Then he, a member of the Belarusian Popular Front, did not in all the meetings, rallies, marches, pickets for an independent and democratic Belarus.
First time went to jail in the spring of 1996, after a number of days after the bloody Chernobyl Way. Many people then went on picket at the detention center Valadarski Street in Minsk in support of prisoners there Ukrainian friends who came to support the Belarusians Chernobyl Way. Picket ruthlessly dispersed, while the buildings and the National Bank Grigory GUM stick and a few 10’s of people thrown into a paddy wagon. Then Gregory for the first time got clubbed on the head and met from prison in Akrestsin.
Remembered for a lifetime black camera stench of unwashed bodies, spoon with cut-charpachok handle grain burgers and a test called bread. Differently as a result of torture and now the conditions Kiyko not name. After a number of days held tribunal. All detainees were given 4-5 days, the artist is soldered on the eight, he believes, for sure, for what posted in court on whiteRussian language. Took pictures and fingerprints …
In the remand prison in Volodarka got Kiyko a year. Celebrating the days of Freedom March 23, 1997 resulted in a fierce confrontation police special forces and opposition public. Police did not miss a column Yakub Kolas procession stopped a couple of times. Gregory Kiyko and several other people, whom he had met only in court, police rebuffed. Kiyko rest in the middle of the accused that he knocked a couple of times OMON Buhavtsa the shaft of the flag. Gregory evening detained, taken to the police station and made the report was released.
In Volodarka overlooking the church cross Reddish …
And it only arrested April 1 people in civilian clothes. Then he was arrested the next participant in those events Ales Bondarev. A number of days spent in jail-distributor. And then they were accused of hooliganism, transferred to Volodarka. So a painter and a member of the BPF Gregory Kiyko got into this 306 camera overlooking the church cross Reddish …

With his wife Lena, daughters Lena and Natalia in time pilgrimage to Budslau

The first month of his release was particularly weary. Not conducted any investigation, it was hard to agree with inmates — murderers, kidnappers, alimentshchykami. Instead of food — gruel, instead of beds — bunk, which slept in an overcrowded cell in turn, instead of toilets — stool. Painter felt like a lion in the box. At large remained unrealized creative plans, the beloved family. At one point, he dreamed as clung to his younger, ten year old daughter Helen.
A month later, started to drag in for questioning. When led to an investigator overlap corridors so as not to let God, who does not meet, recalls painter. Internal prison mail learned that on Volodarka delivered and others celebrating days of Will — Vladimir Lysko, Anatolia Soroka, Ales Koval. Previously was sitting there Ales Bondarev. Soon put retrained. Now it has blamed organizing riots and active participation in them.
Tribunal a day of political prisoners

After three months, was released from house arrest. The Tribunal set aside the autumn. Exclusively by the court met Gregory Kiyko with those who took one case. They appointed municipal lawyers (at the time the court has already been eliminated Institute personal lawyers), from which the defendants refused.

During the investigation, the defendant Kiyko recorded names of investigators and arbitrators

In the first trial the same day, a day that began Oct. 30 political prisoners, they claimed that the process took place in the Belarusian language. And since the judge did not have the Belarusian language translator claimed. Tried them for two weeks. Russian TV channels filming scenes. Belarusian municipal press calling them zapivohami, hooligans, thugs. Gregory Kiyko and Vladimir Lysko got most formidable at the time the sentence — two years of "chemistry." Olesya Bondarev, Anatoly Sorokin and Alexander Koval was sentenced to hard labor in the workplace with retention of 20 percent of earnings in favor of the country.
On zone painter Kiyko threw pus …
Gregory Kiyko first winter came on chemistry in Zembinskuyu commander, not far from Borisov. He was sent to work in the adjacent farm. In the first working day Kiyko painter threw pus … Three months he lived together with another 50 "chemists" in an old school. And then at the request of Borisov Works of art, he was allowed to live and work there. However, once a week was necessary go to Zembin celebrated in the commandant’s office and once a day celebrated in Borisov police.
Later, from time to time allowed to travel to Minsk to the family, too, with the celebration of mandatory militia. And in the days of mass opposition actions in Minsk Kiyko rushed AWOL.
The most difficult was life in captivity without a family. Wife Lena (also an artist) knew spouse, supported him. Eldest daughter Natalya went in the footsteps of his father, not only in the choice of profession. Student of the art department of the Belarusian Academy of Arts, she was one of the activists of "Young Front". Natalia took part in the actions of the opposition youth decorate their posters and banners, staged exhibitions of alternative art. Naturally, felt pressure from the management of the institution.
Crosses were

At this point in the Academy of Arts, where he once Gregory Kiyko year not counting profession received lessons from public consciousness renowned educator Misha Romaniuk, learn and his youngest daughter Lena. Very worried about mom and son Gregory. Seriously unhealthy, she feared that the release will not wait offspring. Waited. It came out in late 1999, shortly before her death.

A commando he was rudely lifted off the ground and poked very baton right in the place where the heart is …

Contrary to all the tests Gregory Kiyko not broke, kept zeal to fight. And on the day will in 2000 there was already a family. Again became a battleground metropolitan area Kolas. Will one day determine bred on the streets of Minsk APCs and dogs. And mass detentions. Gregory, his wife Lena and daughter Natalia thrown into a police funnels. They spent a day in the gym military base, and in the evening released.
And in 2001, when the government decided to expand the Minsk ring road and terrain Tracts Kurapaty, Gregory Kiyko together with their colleagues from the CCP BPF party participated in the protection of public necropolis.
Late in the evening on November 8 commandos attacked the camp Kurapaty defenders. Gregory to This time remembers being knocked down, thrown in the face of melting of autumn rains gravel. From his lips escaped a groan: "Oh God, help me, I perish!" A commando he was rudely lifted off the ground and poked very baton right
in the place where the heart is.
Feral pain pierced body ozdorovel Gregory exclusively in the sector. But another month on the chest remained dark bruise, sore ribs. Gregory Kiyko file any complaint with the prosecutor’s office. Vain. "This government does not own judge", — says the artist.

Kurapaty, Dzyady 2004

In the autumn of 2001, Gregory made crosses of fallen trees Kurapaty builders. Most of them set crosses commandos were taken on November 8. Currently in Kurapaty more than five hundred crosses, which were established efforts of Gregory and his supporters of the Conservative Christian Party BPF.
Painter is proud that for a small team of clearance time they did actually People’s memorial — a memorial crosses for victims of Bolshevik repression.
Veteran Belarusian national liberation movement of the late 20th — early 21st century — 57 years. He did not lose faith in romantic-independent Belarusian democratic future of the country, only slightly became a huge realistic. He firmly believes that if it were not those of the wars street, rallies, it would not be now, and Belarus.
Gregory Kiyko does not regret that at the altar of victory and put the health and welfare of the family. The prospect of the country it connects with the youth, which goes by the same method, which went his generation in the 1990s. Because along with his family in March 2006, came to Gregory Kiyko Area Kalinowski support young fighters. Comes morally support them if and when they are in the dock. And naturally masters establishes mends Crosses memory Kurapaty.
Gregory Kiyko born June 27, 1951 in the village Tsaluykava Luhansk region of Ukraine in the teachers’ family. Soon the family moved Kiyko home moms in Bobruisk. In 1980 he graduated from the Belarusian Theatre and Art Institute. Ceramic artist. Member of the Belarusian Union of Painters, participates in the association "The Chase". He is married and has two daughters.
In the Belarusian Popular Front of the founding parties and movements. After the split of the BNF in 1999 — a member of the CCP BPF. Member of numerous shares. Not once detained by police.
In 1997 he was sentenced by the Minsk City Tribunal to two years imprisonment with hard labor, so called chemistry. Supreme Tribunal of the Republic of Belarus has not satisfied appeal. Serving his sentence in Zembinskay special settlement.
Currently engaged in creative and educational work.

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