One day political prisoner Misha Chyhir

Black clothes, in which Misha CHigir served eight months in detention in a remand prison, hitherto kept by him. Wife of former political prisoner Julia Chigir:
"Although they say that you can not do so because it is not a sign of a perfectly decent. Spouse and I have a habit of one appeared — we Volodarka go around on all sides. I do not go down this street, as she told me about a lot, even more than Chigir recalls. Four years and a month there walked almost every day, banging metal door.
This time was allotted to us as a temptation, since we have not done anything that so punished. Our family suffered these tests adequately. Only those people what life is short, there is no such moments. "
"The worst thing that happened with my family — it’s younger sibling arrest"
Julia Chigir recalls the four years eight months behind bars CHigir Misha, and later three years and three months scion Alexander.
"Scion kept in the chamber closed. And what diseases he just got there. 16 teeth He stuck after I got out of the Queen."
The story of the offspring — the most unhealthy for the former political prisoner Misha Chyhir:
"What happened to me, like say, not very creepy. Nobody there I have not tried. Conditions were more or less tolerable. But the worst thing that happened with my family — it’s my youngest son’s arrest. He was accused of stealing machines. course, also not the 1st word of truth. revenged me through my son who goes to prison for three years. duty to consider their own lives and will do everything possible to people to answer for it to the full program there. Forgiveness should not be, they should be punished. And at first not in my case, as in the case of offspring. I engaged in politics. But while kids here? "
In 1999, Misha CHigir candidature in the presidential election. They initiated the Supreme Council overclocked head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko after the referendum. During the political campaign Misha CHigir and was detained in Minsk: "minivan" blocked the road car, what politician has left office election headquarters, riot police cordoned off. Fell on the hood of the people who sent guns Chigir and driver. In the investigative committee of the Ministry of the Interior after the interrogation, drew up a report, Misha CHigir not signed.
"If you want to stay free, you need to leave the country"
"They uttered that I stole 20 million dollars, has outstanding loans, etc.. It was funny. About those bucks, no one knew, including myself. Upshot was that the latest case of theft has been closed.
About my arrest I was warned some special services. They pronounced that this decision was made and, if you want to stay free, you need to leave the country.
I was sure that no criminal action did not and if police keep law, the grounds for my arrest is not. Because there was such a small piece of hope, that we decided to slightly scare. But in fact it was not. "
Quarantine staff noted that the base of a day or institutions, it has crossed the threshold of the first past the head of government. As he was brought into the chamber, came Material: prisoners were asked to confirm whether there is a last prime. And when you got the answer, Misha Chyhir congratulated.
Sovereign CHigir huge part of the conclusion left in the chamber 175, he said, a bit better than others.
"After all, there are cameras in the prison in the dungeon, and there is a summer swelter, that people can not breathe. All wall sobbing, flowing. Air lacks. Sufficient ventilation is not. Horrific conditions and many do not survive. So sneer of his own people can not."
"A month, the second — the investigator does not come"
And what was more difficult in prison?
"A man sits in the box, there is two square meters — back and forth. And 30 minutes walk called, where the sky through the bars too. Clear that all this hard perceived tolerated. If a person has committed sins, he must be ready for this. And for someone who did not do anything illegal, in general, it is unclear what and why. And this question arises every day. Well, tomorrow we’ll see, will understand, well, the day after tomorrow … Does anyone conscience to speak, to say "Come" …
People do not realize why — that steel doors are locked and that’s it. What to do? Admitted guilt — the inspector left. Month, the second — the inspector comes. And that people should think? Came two months later, asks: "Do you recognize?" Do not recognize. And again gone for two months. It is not everyone can withstand.
And what we are after the communist era have not revised our judicial system, law enforcement, this is, in a certain part of my fault. After all, I never knew her, never encountered and never thought that could be so, as it is in fact.
Insulator — the reduction of life, deterioration of health. Well, what’s read, insulator — it’s a terrible institution. It is made specifically so that the person sitting there agreed, admitted guilt and went to the colony, because the colony to survive more easily than in a detention facility. "
Misha CHigir says that though accustomed to what conditions. There was an opportunity to read. Read everything under the arms across. After 5 months were allowed to pass electric dictionary and the prisoner began to learn English. This dictionary is first sent for examination, because law enforcement officials feared that it can record interviews or something.
As presently CHigir Misha takes his own arrest?
"How much stupidity. Worked almost two years of investigation team of 24 people to find a crime. It spent almost 50 years in terms of man-hours. And how many were professionals, professionals. I read investigators that whatever you do, never in my actions will not find crime.
I once worked as an instructor of the Central Committee of the party and I know perfectly well what the party discipline. At the sight of the fate of breaking my people at the time, but not as aggressively as at the moment. For any offenses they were transferred to another job at a lower. And now, this usually ends the bullpen, first for opposition politicians. "
Not counting the offspring, was condemned and the wife of former Prime Minister: a two-year suspended imprisonment. Misha CHigir recalls:
"During my trial, it does not fit into awareness, the police twisted her hands, and she did hurt pain bitten policeman behind the ear and he gave to the court. Where officer’s honor and why. A country that still can be done . was not convicted of the eldest son, because he went to Germany. And so we are all doomed. Exactly what it is, I generally do not understand. "
Julia Chigir adds:
"Terribly remember that some snotty policeman dragged me in front of my family, almost kicked up with battened skirts. Abrade ablapvae all. During my confrontation against such actions make a mockery of me — I was there anyone bitten. Bitten. And sorry not a lot. Because I was biting and not specifically go beyond your own feelings. "
"Pension is paid, thrown out lechkomissii"
Misha CHigir now unemployed — about work in state structure is no question. Went once in the commercial, but the person who took the job because of it later had difficulties. He’s not involved in politics, does not take part in public life. Here therefore, considers that the authorities left him alone. Julia Chigir reads:
"All property described, and half of it does not belong to him. Everything is in limbo. We have almost all taken from the apartment — everything to the last tables. Only thing left — the bed. My property can not pick up, and it can take in at any moment. Has garage, we would have sold it long ago. Chyhir He is recognized for. But it did not take and take, and it does not belong to us. pension is paid, lechkomissii thrown out. "
Currently Misha CHigir often ride on a visit to Moscow and Kiev.
Spends much time on their own apiary in his native village on Kopylschine. Has about 40 bee colonies. Beekeeping is a pleasure and pride thing that has spawned many beekeepers.
"For me, honey and lard — the main products"
Behind bars for Volodarka wife of the husband often brought honey.
"Transfer get far not all. And if that is passed, it is divided at all. There is another list of what you can, what you can not pass.
What sort of food? Potatoes boiled in water with salt and cabbage cooked in the pot without anything. Another excellent, if cleaned and of net water. But what is good, and this is the reward ALKAYEVA, escaped to Germany, he significantly increased transfer rates. And through these programs people can support themselves.
For me, honey and lard — the main products that do not spoil. There’s also the heat is such that it is impossible to sustain. Imagine if 20 people drop into a small room, there heating is not necessary. And when the sun is still shining and it is impossible to ventilate … If the service is running normally, they are allowed to reveal so referred to as "feeder" in the doorway. Then comes a skraznyachok. And if the feeder is closed, no ventilation. Even if the window is open, small and of so-called cilia. Still in sealed, so you only beheld the sky and could not look down to earth. "
Julia Chigir recalls:
"If there was a marriage son Sasha, the young went to the registrar. I took a small bottle, which poured brandy, hidden in the folds of ladies’ and ran on a date with her husband. And we with this bottle with him for marrying son drank. Were also grandson until birth he was sitting there. "
And what about the spouse helped to expect?
"If he decided to participate in the political life of the country, we understand that this path is not easy, and were ready for testing. Vo-2, around me were very many good-quality people, my friends, just friends. Were a dozen old women from Brest, who sent me their pensions and assistance. Around jail I met a builder and put 100 bucks said, this is all that can give to help bolster. I do not even know his name, he said that it does not matter. Such moments helped. Not so long ago read memoirs wife Karpenko and others, they write that left absolutely alone. About for myself, I can not say that. contrary, I felt a lot of support. "
"One of the investigators said that the time will come and he to serve as much as I do"
Misha CHigir recalls that even in the midst of those who fabricated criminal charges against him were people who admitted in private conversations that eventually must be punished for it …
"One member of the group, which led the investigation in the end said that the time will come and he to serve as much as I do and will not pout. Naturally, I was shocked. How it so much, You should sit more, you signed the document, falsified business. And because you have to sit more than I was sitting. As much as the law requests. seeting at least as much as my offspring. Same crud fabricated a case for offspring.
There are various ways to avenge someone. It is clear that there are cases where people who were doing falsification revenge mercilessly. I believe this is not the case. Should be punished people who fabricated the case, put their signatures.
There are people who will put his mom for one sprocket to the shoulders. Unfortunately, soon in our law enforcement agencies such people become very many.
This should not go unpunished. Would expect, I think the time will come. I think they do not have time to escape. While many of those who participated in my case, punished first (here begin to believe that God is) by the full program there.
For me it is important that my wife was admitted as a patron in my business. She had the opportunity to meet with me comes in isolation and it was easier for the eight months. Came quite often and I had the opportunity a couple of minutes to talk to her. She knew my business and very assist in the defense.
Investigators have a chain like dogs, tried almost nothing suck invent, fabricate. But it was hard, because it is — lawyer handyman worked in a bank and knew all this business. "
Day release

More Mischa CHigir remembers liberation day. Before this meet him head of the Advisory and Monitoring Group, Hans-Georg Wieck.
"He said that the decision was taken recently and you’ll be free. Exit to freedom — is the second person is. Indeed, in conclusion — what are you people? You have human form and nothing else. A yield of freedom — where willed went doing what you want. At the most fresh air. Naturally. it is a very positive effect on the person. And everyone remembers how it was, who first met, how many hours — that no one ever forgets.
Usually stay in the bullpen outlook changes, people adapt faster to some dilemmas in life troubles. It turns out the other person, more measured. "
During his detention, the investigator suggested Misha Chigir bring penitential letter to Alexander Lukashenko:
"I refused, so nothing to repent?"
Those who are now fighting for democracy, Misha CHigir wants unity. Until new political prisoners, which in something reminiscent of his personal fortune, Misha CHigir treated with regret that they have to spend time in prison:
"Yes there are thousands of approaches as not to give the ability to evolve as Kozulin policy, not hiding it in jail. People working in the president’s inner circle, know it. Why they hid him in jail, I can not realize. Course, no society Kozulin not a threat. Generally, political prisoners to society — it’s bad. worse for society, if there are political prisoners. Well, a man can have a different look, then you prove that he is wrong. During this put in jail? It says about the level of development of society — not more. In normal society this would not happen. There is a political struggle, different eyes. This everywhere so. Not in jail fight with other gaze. "
Misha CHigir born May 24, 1948 in the village of Usov Kopyl district, Minsk region. Graduated from the Belarusian Municipal Institute of National Economy. Graduated spetsfakultet for international economic relations at the Metropolitan Institute of Finance.
He worked as chairman of the Belarusian Joint-Stock Commercial Bank agribusiness "Belagroprombank".
From 1994 to November 1996 was Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus. Resigned in disagreement with the symbol of the referendum initiated by the president. Worked manage consulate Euro Concern «CEA» in.
In 1999, the Supreme Council initiated the holding of presidential elections, pushed himself a candidate for the position. During the election campaign was arrested. Served in remand prison eight months — from March 30 to November 30, 1999. He was released from custody on bail.
Tribunal accused Chyhir that as prime minister he gave one of the companies delay in customs payments. May 19, 2000 Minsk City tribunal sentenced M. Chigir — three years suspended execution of the sentence for two years.

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