One day political prisoner Misha Marinich

"In my authorities acted very cruelly and cynically"
Oleg Gruzdzilovich:
"You were released on April 14, 2006, almost two years after you have been invited to the KGB and was arrested. Whether to change over this time period is your attitude to the events?"
Misha Marynitch: "Today, on the loose, I can give a deeper appreciation of what happened to me. Can weigh the antecedents and consequences of those events. By the way, the more I think about it, how much more sensually perceive them. In relation to me the authorities acted very cruelly and cynically. KGB, prosecutors and police will be not registered with the laws when deprived me of my freedom and health. And it all happened on the orders of dictator.

December 2004. In the Minsk district court.

Since then, the system has not changed. Dictatorial power unceasingly continues campaign against dissent against the people of democratic views, it continues to spread fear and obedience.
To break the desire to fight for their rights, for freedom, independence and dignity, the power behind bars sends more innocent people. Because how could change my attitude towards this power if there is no truth about the missing Zakharenko, Gonchar, Krasovsky and Zavadsky?
If now in jail are innocent innocent my supporters Kozulin, Klimov, Dashkevich, Finkevich and others? "
Misha Marynitch steel cells shouted "Long live Belarus!"
In the case of Misha Marynich was saying: the government is not able to determine the long-term, for which he still punish former senior bureaucrat who dared to "get out of the tower?" The official statement immediately after the arrest noted: on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons. To do this, the country conducted a search and found the Italian-made pistol, is very popular in the midst of killers.
Marinich believes that the gun was planted on him. His fingerprints on the gun really did not find it. Meanwhile, a few hours earlier, when Misha Marinich detained in the building of the KGB, he uttered that among recently seized from him 90 thousand dollars and were phony. By the way, the Bucks have found the policy during an inspection of his car, which "coincidentally" stopped by traffic police. Only for some reason, coupled with the "traffic policemen" and appeared near KGB. Already in the course of the investigation there was another charge — stealing computers from the organization "Business Initiative", which he himself and headed Marinich. Because of problems with the cabinet computers were temporarily stored in the garage sibling policy, but the tribunal is not sure of his innocence. Like the fact that the owner of a computer — U.S. Embassy — claims to Misha Marinych had. As a result, the sentence — 5 years maximum security prison for stealing a vehicle service abuse. Courtroom and young people who gathered outside the court, chanting "Shame!". Misha Marynitch steel cells shouted "Long live Belarus!"

Th December 2007.

Misha Marynitch: "I think my prepyadstviya with power began earlier in the year 2001, when I was together with the democratic forces of Belarus against dictatorship and for freedom, human rights, democratic values. While I voluntarily left the municipal office (with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in Latvia and in combination in Estonia and Finland) and took part in the presidential elections.
Country then practically isolated itself, reform turned dictatorship flourished. I, as a citizen, was indifferent to the fate of my country, because I made a choice in favor of democratic values and market reforms.

I am convinced that the creators and performers of this provocation will understand society, they certainly will be judged …

Uniformly my position began to receive support within the country and abroad, my popularity grew. With like-minded people we have been preparing for the parliamentary elections in 2004 and presidential elections in 2006. And all this power to the annoyance. Me organized total surveillance, tapped phones, began provocations against "Business Initiative", which I chaired.
In my work was not and could not be no crime, because I continued to do my thing. But he realized that, having no real facts, the power will be on the path of provocation will blackmail, fraud. So in fact happened. 26th April 2004, I was arrested.
But I am convinced that the creators and performers of this provocation will understand society, they certainly will be judged. "
Gruzdzilovich: "Could you explain what it was 90 thousand dollars and what their upcoming fate?"

Marynitch: "Of course. This is my personal funds and funds of my family. Earlier I stated that I was being watched, knew exactly what means I speak, where I keep them, that is in my apartment.
Those 90 thousand I was carrying in his car home. And the government acted on planned scenario. The other day, my apartment was robbed, car broke, leaked to the country. From the apartment, presumably by order of the authorities, lost 25 thousand dollars that belonged to me and my wife. So we do makarom left without means, and I had to go for the means to live. This is just the authorities expected. I was ready for what I cheekily suspend police and KGB will search without reason besides take away my means. If the man has done nothing criminal, his ideas and not preparing for a meeting with law enforcement. Especially since I was still under the impression that the apartment was robbed, we trivially necessary tools to repair the car, put the alarm in the apartment. Slightly later I realized that it was a provocation planned by the authorities.
By the way, the means to me to this day have not returned. They say that they came under confiscation, but I believe that they were taken illegally and continue to justify it. "
From a letter to the chairman of the KGB Leonid Erin Prosecutor General Viktor Sheiman Misha Marinich. . "...Why are you so scared and keep me in isolation though what, including illegal means, tighten consequence, depriving me of my freedom, my constitutional rights? You, like your employees better than other officials in the country understand what dictatorial policy led the country … "29.06.04 (Marynitch).

"Political prisoners — soldiers who are ready for testing"

Gruzdzilovich"Naturally, that you have experienced in the bullpen many dramatic situations: you have taken medication, suffered a heart attack and there was no help. Then came to the clinic. What you bailed out?"
Misha Marynitch: "Such pressure acted before bullpen in the KGB remand prison" an American. " Already there I realized that they will go to any tampering, that only compromise me and drop. Not taken into account nor your human property, nor the old rewards health. My complaints and complaints of my patron ignored appeals pochetaemyh people, MPs, lawyers, diplomats, journalists, addressed to the chairman of the KGB and the Prosecutor-General remained unanswered.
Very principle was not to get lost. Main support was that I was not alone, that I fought for thousands of people in Belarus and abroad. Even it gave strength to endure all the physical chaos and cynicism against me.
Thanks to my relatives, sons, friends, associates, known and unknown people who have expressed towards me cordiality and warmth. It remains in my heart. I’ll always be with you. Small bow to you. "
Gruzdzilovich: "What would you recommend to political prisoners and those who can still get in ja
il for their political beliefs? How should I? What things have with other inmates, with the administration?"

I think bullpen overflowing innocent people or those who did petty administrative violation …

Marynitch"I am convinced that the political prisoners in moral terms — the soldiers who are willing to test, because got involved in this struggle consciously. Political Pressure on more rigid attitude, and respect in the midst of more prisoners. Immediately necessary to keep this level of respect, not to reduce the requirements to discover, and not allow themselves to offend. For all this to be measured and confident in their own abilities, do impulsive steps that the administration may be interpreted as a violation of the regime.
In the bullpen a lot of decent people, quite educated. I happened to meet there with doctors, bureaucrats, businessmen, people in their own areas quite famous. To be honest, for their heart ached. I could not believe that they are all to blame. I think bullpen overflowing innocent people or those who did petty administrative violation. Many of the prisoners helped me: advice, food, medicines, and helped overcome illness. I wish to note that some employees from the administration, I also received such attention. Not all, obviously, but there were people who treated me with compassion. Midst of policemen appeared and many of my like-minded people who share democratic eyes.
Prison experience gave me a sense of responsibility for the other prisoners. I was asked to convey the will of hi, contact with family, support those who are confused. When I was released, a lot of contact with the relatives of prisoners and keep doing it. "
"Registration of marriage took place in the little room infirmary malehankih Orsha colony"

Together with his wife Tatiana

Gruzdzilovich"Another story — about your prison marriage. Authorities have called swing your illness: say, what a heart attack when he got married in jail?"
Marynitch: "We Tatiana was a civilian marriage, which we planned to legalize. Naturally, not in the clink. Before the trial, while I was in" an American, "Tatiana, as plainclothes spouse had the right to visit and transfer. Rules in other colonies. There without a stamp in the passport of a long-term date can not be counted. But suddenly I had a heart attack, and there was a threat that I’ll stay forever without support. rigmarole was impossible, and we decided to check.
Solve organizational prepyadstviya possible thanks to the loyal friend, the names of which I, unfortunately, I can not yet name. Registration itself was held in the little room infirmary malehankih Orsha colony. We were not counting the two officers and a representative of the administration of the registrar. We were given only 15 minutes to communicate, even though the law in such criteria give a day or three. Authorities later used mockingly fact of registration in the colony, but let it remain on their conscience. "
Misha tried Marinich in the last days of 2004. Speed consideration episodes, interviewed witnesses and court action may have been set records. All three a day or a small hall of the Minsk district court was crowded: activists, human rights defenders, journalists, always attended sons Igor and Pavel, their mother Lyudmila Marynitch — first wife Misha Marinich.
Before the first meeting close to the cell of steel took place in the hall of a young, well-dressed lady. When reporters asked her to move away from the pass away — say, they need to be close enough to take pictures and record — the lady resolutely refused. Surprisingly lost when "cell" led Misha Marinich present and witnessed the meeting with a whisper and a shrug of the hands through the iron bars. Room was quiet, as it happens just before the verdict … Even the police, despite instructions not objected to the appointment. So Tatiana Marinich, then still Baranova, met journalists. Later, through her, they first will receive important information about prison life Marinich, including the fact that it has applied the amnesty and soon he will be released.
"For freedom we Tatyana was born offspring. Dubbed his Misha"

This fire burned prison odezhka Misha Marinich

Marynitch: "What about the release I had two kinds of feelings. Naturally, I was recklessly happy to be released, see the native people. Which is really sweet word freedom!
And yet two years bullpen did not pass without any traces. No, my faith and desire to fight for change were not the least, I was not going. But in the 1-x, felt his isolation from the real life struggle of the opposition. No wonder the first interview given with difficulty. Overshadowed the release disease. I was after myocardial partly paralyzed half of the body and it will last. Because first decided to tackle health, because only healthy can be useful to society. A period of recovery, which to a certain extent, and lasts for the moment. And he gives it up, I feel much better. And during this period of time we have freedom of Tatyana was born offspring. We christened him Misha. "
Misha Marinich was born in 1940, the year in Petrikovsky district of Gomel region. Graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, Minsk Institute of foreign languages, Minsk Higher Party School. Worked in construction, including about 3 years in Afghanistan.
From 1990 to 1991 — the mayor of Minsk. From 1990 — 1994 years — deputy of the Supreme Council. In 1994 he was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary in combination. From 1994 to 1998 — Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Belarus. From 1999 to 2001 — Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the salting in Latvia, Estonia and Finland in combination.
In 2001, wrote in his resignation and announced his candidacy for the role in the presidential election. Has not been registered as a presidential candidate. Led the public company "Belarusian Association" Business Initiative ".
From April 2004 to April 2006, — special prison convict KGB "American" later Orsha and Minsk colonies. Parole under the amnesty.

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