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Vladimir Lysko — Surveyor with over 30 years of experience. The specificity of the geodesic that 9 months of the year — continuous trip, so called field season. During the first years of work as a surveyor Lysko actually walk walked almost all of Lithuania and Latvia. And then I saw how piitetam with their "small homelands" are Balts, as for some reason disparage their own pages thoroughly soaked Russian ideology Belarusians. And as if that was ever to be independent Belarus.
At first meetings were strolling whole "expedition"

Vladimir flattened "Freedom"

The fact that not all is hopeless, Vladimir Lysko ascertained only during the first meetings configured Belarusian Popular Front. Though in the first ruthlessly overclocked internal troops march on Kurapaty was not, but after reading the reaction in the press, with participants pakantaktavavshy processions, rallies later already missed. And since 1989, walked on all shares. At the same time, walking with friends. "Surveying — people are very volnadumnyya, free, because walking to rallies whole expedition, and that at least half 10 Single Man" — says the source. He adds that while very very impressed Zenon Pozniak own charisma and people were including in order to listen to a professional speaker.
Generally while Vladimir mentions as "not very bad" when people lived with the hope to make design and column those who wish these changes, "walking alone along the avenue." In the first series — already experienced in the first skirmishes with the police Vladimir Lysko.
Will a day March 25, 1997 celebration of the anniversary of the participants gathered at the BNR Independence Square. The first time without Pozniak. It was planned to march to Yakub Kolas and there — rally. But police initially behaved provocatively: one of the first dragged into the "funnel" mom Slavomir Adamovich. Coupled lady defended. Later commandos started snatching people just out of the crowd began local fights, the demonstrators "dump it" on the roadway. The main negotiators with the authorities acted now deceased Gennady Karpenko, but at the crossroads of Avenue Scorina and Kozlov Street began hassle. Rally on Yakub Kolas eventually held after what people began to disperse.

In Russian police station area, as the offender, put on "stretching" …

Vladimir sat on a bus number 2 and went home, the street Slavinskogo. But at the bus stop at the park on a bus dropped CHelyuskincev 6 people in civil Lysko twisted and thrown into the car. In Russian police station area, as the offender, put on "stretching" — to the wall. It was the first of his "drive" to the police, so as Vladimir says, was really scary: how to behave? And here one of the officers viewing passport throws — 1957? Oh, so you need to have to shoot. He continues, go to the basement. "Psychological pressure to intimidate, to break the very beginning," — says Vladimir 10 years. But eventually taken to a "Leninist" room, where even earlier "live in his pleasure" still about fifty detainees during the march. Litsezrev familiar faces calmed down. Vechercom all taken to the police department of Minsk district on Staroborisovsky tract. Day held there for the next day — the tribunal. fined and released.
Remembers my companion, 10 years ago, law enforcement was still slightly more obliging. And even the police captain wished goodbye: you do have a look, there is slightly more careful fight.
First political "chemists" sovereign Belarus
Follow big action accomplished exactly one month later, on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. After the action with friends moved towards the neighborhood, "the West." But at the intersection of Prospect Street and Pushkin Olszewski suddenly stops the car, all three "wring" hands behind the back and taken to the police station on the street Surganova. For "re-role" in an unsanctioned rally criminal case — despite the fact that in March Lysko action has already been punished, and paid a fine. Spent three days in the detention center on Akrestin, then transferred to a remand prison Volodarskogo. There spent month after that sudden isolation — were released on bail. Vladimir says that after a month in "bricked arches" as born anew — in the trees just appeared greenish leaves, the overall feeling was incorrigible to the best configurations.
But in November the same year, 1997, Lysko cause to the tribunal. During the process, met with other "political", which is also blamed for relapse. This painter Gregory Kiyko, physicist Alexander Bondarev, geologist Alexander Sorokin, Minsk subway worker Alexei Koval and others. Two weeks of continued hearings, eventually Lysko Kiyko and sentenced to two years of "chemistry" of the other 2 years must deduct 20% of salary. All except Lysko, appealed. But the Supreme Tribunal upheld the decision, and March 8, 1998 our hero sent to Gomel. Adresok temporary Registry — Working Street, 22.
In the center of Gomel, near the "å" is 5-storey hostel for convicts. With the only difference being that instead of the usual attribute of the student or worker dormitories — grandmother-vahterki — here on the ground floor — the police. On the issue of contingent "institutions" Vladimir responds briefly: the main "hooligans." In other words, said, "ordinary people."
Volodarka as a school of mystical life

January 2008 th

Not compare with the impressions acquired by Volodarka "Dali mattress, so you come in referred to as" home "- all are sitting, staring at you. Few panic because they do not know what to do. Later" brought "to behave that there very stressed hierarchy. Each house own "smatrashchy" which shows where to sleep. Initially ‘room’ at the door, but two weeks moved closer to the window. Total chamber 14 "shkanarov" (beds), and more than 30 ships expected people. Because slept in shifts, one bed shared by 3 persons. was hard, especially not sleep NIGHT MODE, because for "greenish" drop change overnight "cuckoo", in other words, wander through the chamber.
… By "political" Lysko inmates treated very well, even as Vladimir says, may receive "flog" — Director. Soon entrusted to distribute books: once per month to bring the camera and read it distributed, what to give to whom. In contrast to the "chemistry", says the source, there is absolutely independent life, divorced from the realities zastsenkavyh — individuals, waiting for the investigation, are sitting and more than two years.
In the month survived two huge "shakedown" when the raid men in black, wearing masks, indiscriminately "knead" and opens up a large search. This is a complete "vyvarot" all kicked out into the corridor, put a face to the wall. In Lysko found a skein of yarn "stallions" in prison. This is the conclusion of a necessary thing: as the night comes, starts conversations, from house to house through the windows. The staff knows this, but all independent stops. "Hangs going?" — Asked the watchman and, without waiting for an answer, so "zashpuliv" Vladimir in the chest that he met at full speed with the wall. And generally "for prevention," recalls Vladimir thrashed very much.
On "chemistry" were completely different realities. Naturally, none of the proposals towards not running: if you want to work — go vladkovvaysya. Lysko went to find happiness in their specialty, to local geodetic enterprise. Fortune smiled and took on the job to keep it out all thoughts and
faster flying time, Vladimir worked seven days a week. States that those orders were much more liberal than it is at the moment: of custody for each nobody walking, the main thing — to return to the evening roll call at 21.30 ..
So without much adventure served year, precisely ran off as surveyors same leg fed. And soon came the amnesty decree. In the midst of non-released and an attractive face. So makarom from 2-years spent half sentenced.
After his release from the political activity Vladimir Lysko not stuck and as before could behold in the head of the column.
Lysko term — on the conscience "cameraman" KGB
Soon got to the police again. Although states had the courage to experience: they say, will stand without any action. "Even I will not open my mouth," — he gave himself for the terrible promise. But apparently, such a "feed": captured, taken to the police station. Served day brought an administrative action. The only thing that cost a huge fine — the then 20 small salaries.
Vladimir Lysko never appeared in the midst of the organizers of any political action. Then why sentence — two years of "chemistry" — non-status?

Lysko sued in the main due to the information itself, "cameraman", Prikhodko captain …

Himself explains it is always active during your shares. Well, all security officers removed the video. And Lysko sued in the main due to the information itself, "cameraman", Captain Prikhodko. The court was shown frame when Lysko came up and swung at the "operator" — say, for what you shoot? In the hands of all of this was at the pole of the flag, broken by police and by which marchers repulsed by police mom Slavomir Adamovich. In his own testimony policeman insisted that his banged Lysko, although no evidence of it was not. In addition, the edges were two riot policeman who beheld that no one is thrashed.
But if the court referee at the victim asked: how many want to get Lysko, he replied: over 5 years.
Job political activity until Vladimir Lysko impacted: spec with 30 years practical experience is needed everywhere. "Surveying — even in Africa surveyor", — says Vladimir. And in general, he is grateful to his staff, who were first on his side and wrote the petition to the court, so he was not punished so cruelly.
The only thing that all the columns in the least modern demonstrators friends who started to walk on stormy marches fracture 1980-1990-ies. Someone worried about the family — and suddenly planted, who will feed the kids? Someone bullied at work, tightly tying contract. Well, the law enforcement system, authoritatively states Vladimir has become much tougher. The conditions on the "chemistry" and generally do not have to associate — even on today’s political prisoners "chemistry" held as a "zone."

It seems that our hero uniformly dystantsyyuetstsa of Belarusian reality that is more concentrated in the hands 1 person. "Tired of everything — even throws in despair. Even at the level of television is unrealistic to look neither Belarus nor Russian.’s Acquired satellite. Watching Ukraine. Understand — heaven and earth, the freedom is there and what reservations we live."
Vladimir Lysko was born July 20, 1957 in Borisov. In 1974 he graduated from high school and enrolled at the Polytechnic College in "engineering geodesy." In 1975 he was drafted into the army, served three years in the Baltic Fleet, based in the German Hitler peninsula. After graduating from college and service razmerkavavsya in Minsk, in the then 5th geodetic enterprise USSR Council of Ministers.
Sentenced to two years of "chemistry" for his role in an unsanctioned rally in the day Freedom March 25, 1997. Punishment served in Gomel.
Nonpartisan, more than 30 years of experience in the specialty, a surveyor.

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